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Packing and Moving Tips for When It’s Raining

We can’t control the weather, but if it so just happens you are moving on a day where the rain just won’t quit, our Boise moving company has got you covered with some of the best tips to help you move when it’s raining.

Don’t Be Afraid of Delaying Your Trip

Depending on how abysmal the rain is, canceling your move for that day might be the only solution. Not all moving companies will offer to go through with the move in those conditions or perhaps you have not other choice but to be out of the house on that exact day. Either way, an important moving tip for when it’s raining is to talk to your moving company about alternative options. If you need to delay the full move but you still need to vacate your home that very day, our Boise movers are willing to help move your belongings to a storage facility. Your stuff will not only be dry, but protected under lock, key, and security.

Swapping Cardboard for Plastic

The rain will definitely ruin your cardboard boxes faster then you can imagine. The next thing you know, you’re standing in the middle of a pile of stuff that fell out of a box that tore open. To avoid a hassle like this, just swap your standard carboard boxes for plastic boxes and keep a lot of plastic bags on hand. You can wrap everything in plastic bags to protect them from the rain, especially electronics and pieces of art. Our Boise packing supplies include everything you need to properly pack up your possessions, even specialty items you might need when you’re moving in the rain. Our Boise moving company also offers a Boise packing service that does the work for you so you can focus on other details of your move.


Finding Shelter

It might be hard to shelter yourself and your belongings from the rain during the move. A useful tip for when it’s raining is to take advantage of your garage or invest in a pop-up tent. Back your moving van right up to the garage or tent and load your household items into the back of the van with minimal rain disruption.

Protective Clothing

The last, but often overlooked, moving tip for when it’s raining is to make sure you are dressed appropriately to move in the rain. Don’t wear sandals, open-toed shoes, or shoes that are easy to slip out of, such as backless shoes. Invest in some good rain boots or at least shoes that can protect your feet like slip-resistant sneakers. Keep some extra socks on hand just in case; it’s really uncomfortable to walk around in wet, squelchy socks all day and you don’t want to develop a fungus. Pants and long-sleeve shirts would protect your skin from potential scrapes and cuts, but make sure they’re not too long or they can trip you up or snag on corners or random bits, likely causing an injury. Finally, invest in a pair of gloves with decent grip so you don’t accidentally drop something heavy on your feet or even your hands.

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