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How to Meet Your New Neighbors

How to Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors

All My Sons Moving & Storage gets it, being the new kid on the block is always awkward at first. Maybe you don’t know much about the area or the neighborhood, and even less about your neighbors. Where do you begin with breaking the ice? A potluck? Movie night? Do you bring over a casserole? Learning the etiquette of how to meet your new neighbors isn’t as tricky as it seems, simply just go over and say hi!

What to Do When You Move to a New Neighborhood

When you’re the new person in the room, the first thing you typically do is get a feel for how things seem to be around you. The same is true for moving to a new area. Observe your surroundings throughout the day and get a good feel for the neighborhood. Are there people outside walking their dogs or socializing? Once you pick up on the patterns of your neighbors, it will be easy to fall in with the status quo.

Interacting with Your New Neighbors

Be polite and friendly! If you get the chance to interact with your new neighbors in small ways before building a real relationship, always remember to be courteous and polite. They may even want to come over and help your Boise residential movers unload your belongings!

Maybe you’re planning to try out a new cake recipe. Take a slice or two for your neighbor and introduce yourself in the process. Maybe the next time they bake a cake, they’ll offer some to you. If they do, remember to say thank you!

Getting Involved in Your New Community After Moving

Most communities have an event where everyone comes together to discuss issues involving the neighborhood or HOA. Boise local movers recommend you participate in those meetings to not only make your presence known, but it will also show your neighbors that you care. This commonality will help people gravitate to you and get to know you. You can also volunteer, join a club, and show face at neighborhood events.

Invite Your Neighbors Over

There’s no better way to break the ice than to throw a party and invite your neighbors over. Bring everyone together for a good time! If you’re not sure how to invite your neighbors over without feeling awkward, use a holiday as a reason to throw a party. If you have kids, encourage them to befriend other kids their age in the neighborhood and invite them over, as well.

Moving to a new home, get out, introduce yourself to your new neighbors, and make some friends! Follow all the steps above regarding how to meet your new neighbors after you settle into your new home.

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