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Thanks to Your Move: Top Ten Easy Tasks

Here are at least ten tasks that just got a whole lot easier thanks to your upcoming move in Boise

While moving may not be the easiest task in the world, it sure does make certain tasks a lot easier. Unless you are a Boise professional mover, there is nothing routine about relocating from one home to another. The ease of living in the same place for a long period of time can be nice, but the same ease can also encourage laziness. When was the last time you removed every lamp book and trinket from the various surfaces in your home so that you could clean all you shelves desks and dressers thoroughly? When there are no moving plans in effect, there isn’t much motivation to tackle tasks such as meticulous surface cleaning. Thanks to your upcoming move in Boise though, there are a plethora of tasks on your to-do list that just got a whole lot easier!
  • Dust Shelves/Dressers
    With all display items packed into boxes waiting for moving day, the task of cleaning and dusting surfaces on furniture is a cinch!
  • Get Organized
    Now that you are all packed up ready to move into your new home, you can find a safe sensible place for absolutely everything you own.
  • Find Long Lost Items
    The television remote, your wife’s orphaned earring, and some lost pocket change are among the many missing items which become much easier to track down when your house is empty.
  • Paint 
    Before moving furniture into your new home, take advantage of the space while it is obstacle-free and throw a fresh coat of paint on the walls of your choice.
  • Floors
    Floors, just like walls, are much easier to tend to when the place is empty.
  • Purge
    There are surely some items which you could stand to part with, and the best time to do so is now! While you are packing, designate and area in your home where all unwanted belongings can accumulate. Donate your unwanted goods all at once for a huge relieving feeling. Save space in your new home and money on your move!
  • Rearrange Furniture
    Coming home to the same furniture in the same place every day can be very dull. You may slack on moving furniture around in your home once it’s all set up already. But in your new home, the sky is the limit for your furniture layout creativity. Go nuts!
  • Throw a Party
    Parties are fun and a great way to spend time with friends and loved ones, and moving is the perfect excuse to throw a going away party… even if you’re not moving very far!
  • Meet New People 
    Welcome to your new neighborhood. New places and new people await you.
  • Exercise
    Moving definitely involves some physical activity. Throw on some tunes you can really move to and burn calories while you prepare for your new home.
You see? There is definitely an upside to moving to a new home. Your Boise area mover here just counted ten! What tasks did your move make easier for you?