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A Breakdown of Common Moving Costs

Moving is going to cost you—but it will all be worth it in the end.

Boxes, packing supplies, professional movers: these are on the nearly endless list of items included in your total moving costs. Adding up expenses in your head can be scary and result in many sleepless nights.

Your Boise local movers understand this. That’s why they have put together a clear breakdown for you to assess your cost of moving, and hopefully get a bit more sleep and peace of mind along the way.


Average Total Cost (Local): $1,250

If you’re hopping over to Boise from Nampa, moving costs will average at about $1,250, according to Moving.com. A local move will cost significantly less than a long distance one since the transportation is shorter. While this is true, costs can climb a bit higher if special services are required, which you should keep in mind when planning your moving-day budget.


Average Total Cost (Long Distance): $4,890

Making your move to Boise from Atlanta? The process will cost you a pretty penny. Moving.com estimates an average of $4,890 for long distance moves. Your moving costs here are based upon the weight of your items being transported, rather than a flat fee. Consider a spring cleaning session to purge your house of unnecessary belongings in order to decrease your fees.


Average Cost of Movers (Local): $25 per hour/per mover; $105 per hour

Within the total cost of moving, your move to Boise will surely include hiring professional movers. Even if you’re relocating to a city within close proximity, moving companies are well worth the money. On average, one mover costs $25 per hour, so your total cost moving locally for a couple of movers and a truck would be $105 per hour.


Average Cost of Movers (Long Distance): $25 per hour/per mover; $3,750 per move

Unfortunately, moving costs jump the further away you move. Though the average cost of a single mover stays the same, the cost of moving climbs to $3,750 for your average long distance move. This accounts for the truck and movers who will be employed throughout the entirety of your move.


Average Cost for Packing Services: $30 per move

Your Boise local movers offer specialized packing services including quilt-padded wrapping for fragile items to ensure the safety of your belongings during your move to Boise. Many other moving companies offer similar services, as well, averaging at $30 per move.

Additional Costs to Consider (Insurance & Special Services): $150 - $2,500

Keep this section of your moving costs open just in case you happen to acquire a piano that must be moved to your new home or in case you need to transport a new car across the country. Costs can vary here from as low as $150 to as high as $2,500.


Remember this list from your All My Sons Boise local movers, because moving costs can stack up faster than you can pull out your credit card to pay for them.