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How to Prevent Injuries When Packing

There are many injuries that can occur during the moving process. While you may believe that the only dangers are during loading and unloading the truck for your move to Houston, there can be hazards lurking around every corner if you are not careful. Our Texas moving company wants to teach you how to avoid moving injuries during the packing process as well.

Packing Injuries & How to Avoid Them: Tips from Our Houston Movers

The entire packing process can be a bit chaotic even for the most organized of people, especially if you do not hire Houston full-service movers. A sharp point could poke through a box and catch you. Items stacked improperly could fall and hurt you. Glass not wrapped correctly could shatter and cause injury. Unfortunately, the possibilities for moving injuries in the packing process alone are endless. Our Texas movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage Houston want you to be aware of these dangers and so that you can avoid moving injuries.  

If you start packing well ahead of time like our movers in Houston recommend, make sure that once you are packed everything is secure and organized. Haphazardly stacked items are just asking to be knocked over. Push items that are packed against the wall and out of the way to avoid injury.

When you start to disassemble furniture, do so carefully. Make sure you pay attention to what you are doing and ask for help if necessary. Our Texas moving company can disassemble your furniture if you prefer. When you are done, make sure all of the pieces are safely out of the way and securely stacked. Our Houston movers recommend putting small pieces like screws or nails together in a labeled plastic bag.

Packing Injuries from Small Children or Pets

Children and pets can increase the chances of moving injuries. They may not understand the dangers associated with moving. Keep them away from fragile items. If glass were to shatter on the floor, you do not want them stepping on any broken pieces. Common packing supplies like scissors and stretch wrap can be dangerous for unsupervised children. Loose parts left out can easily be swallowed by man’s best friend.

Our movers in Houston want to emphasize keeping packing supplies out of reach of children and pets. You will also want to collect any loose items immediately to avoid choking hazards or an unnecessary visit to the vet.

If you plan to pack everything in one day, our Texas movers suggest asking someone to watch your children or pets outside of the home or keeping them entertained in a secure, safe area.


Hire Houston Full-Service Movers

The easiest way to prevent moving injuries when packing is to hire Houston full-service movers to do the packing for you. As professionals, they will be able to pack more efficiently and safely than you could probably do on your own.

Our Texas movers also have professional packing supplies to pack even your most unique items safely. If you try to pack something sharp or fragile without the proper supplies, it could result in injury or damage to you or your item.

If you are planning a move from Houston, at All My Sons Moving & Storage Houston, we want to make sure you make it to your new place safely.