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Moving with Young Children

Planning everything for your move to Houston can be stressful. You must take care of tasks such as updating important documents and hiring our Houston movers to relocate you into your new home. Among the chaos of planning your move, you must care for the welfare of the little ones as moving can make them anxious. The sudden change when moving from one home to another can make the kids feel agitated throughout the day of the move. However, there are steps you can take to reduce their stress so that the move can go smoothly. While our Texas movers are neatly packing your belongings and transport them to your new home, you’ll have more time to help your child cope with moving anxiety.

Before Your Move to Houston

In the days leading up to the big move, get a head start helping your child with moving anxiety by planning out fun activities for the big day. Sit down and create a schedule of moving day fun with the children by including activities like going to the movies, playing with other kids at a playground, or eating ice cream at their favorite ice cream shop. By doing this, you’ll encourage your kids to be optimistic for about your moving day.

Along with creating a fun schedule for the day of the move, openly talk about the plans so the children will know what to expect. Discuss everything such as our Houston movers coming over to pack all your belongings, how long the drive will be to the new home, and a little bit about the new neighborhood. When you discuss the topic of moving, pay attention to anxiety triggers your children may have so you can be prepared to deal with them if they come up on the day of the move.

You can also help your child with moving anxiety by letting them pick out décor for their new room. Bring color booklets for them to pick out colors for their new room or go online with your kids to find fun items like bean bag chairs, wall decals, or cool rugs.

During Your Move to Houston

Now that the day has finally come to move to Houston, start helping your children cope with moving anxiety by introducing them to our Texas movers. Helping them become familiar with our movers will make it easier for your children to recognize our movers not as just strangers, but as the delightful bunch assisting your family with the move. Our Texas movers are friendly and caring, hence, introducing them to your child will help them cope with moving anxiety.

While our Houston movers are getting your belongings packed and loaded, keep a tote bag or box nearby full of the children’s most prized possessions. This can include their favorite toys, coloring books, building blocks, picture books, and a mobile tablet to watch their favorite movies. Keeping them preoccupied while our Texas moving company handles the heavy-lifting will steer their attention away from the chaos.

After Moving to Houston

As our Texas moving company is getting you settled into you new home, take the time to explore Houston with the children. Remember that schedule you created with them before relocating? Fulfill those plans and let the little ones enjoy a fun day out to further minimize their moving anxiety. This will help divert their attention from the fact they’re living in a new environment.

While you’re out and about with the youngsters, go the extra mile helping your child with moving anxiety by introducing them to their new neighbors. If these new neighbors have children of their own, encourage your children to make friends with them to create a blossoming friendship!

Move to Houston with All My Sons

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