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Moving to Houston in the Rain

While you may be trying to avoid the rainiest month in Houston (June), fall is also known to have a lot of rain. Moving to Houston in the rain sounds dreadful, but the truth is that moving in the rain is just another day that just so happens to be wetter. If you do, however, have to move to Houston in the fall and it just so happens to be raining, our local movers in Houston are here to help you.


Stay Tuned to the Weather Channel

Rain can be unpredictable at times, but if you are moving to Houston in the fall you should watch the weather channel constantly. Rainfall during autumn is quite frequent here in Houston. The weather channel is a good way to gauge whether or not it will rain on your moving day and how much rain is expected. With this information you can either delay the move or you can prepare by following the steps in this guide about moving to Houston in the rain.


Plastic Wrap Everything

Moving blankets and moving boxes generally aren’t waterproof. To prevent your items from damage, plastic wrap or garbage bags are a great last-minute resort. They are a great budget-friendly solution to “waterproof” moving boxes and other items.


Appropriate Clothing

Moving to Houston in the rain means suiting up in proper clothing. To prevent an injury on the day of the move, make sure to avoid wearing flip flops or shoes that you can easily slide out of. Jeans are a no-go when it comes to moving in the rain because they don’t offer your body the full range of motion necessary to haul heavy boxes and furniture back and forth. Not to mention, jeans take a really long time to dry if they get soaked from the rain. Instead, opt for stretchy pants that aren’t too long on you so you can move and prevent yourself from tripping. To avoid an injury, our movers in Houston recommend you wear close-toed shoes and even a good pair of work gloves with good grip. Stay dry by wearing a poncho or rain jacket. If you don’t have any, opt for clothing that easily dries fast.


Set Up an Assembly Line

Minimize the dirt and rain being trampled into the house by setting up an assembly line. Have one of your family members or friends stationed in the house, handing the boxes to someone else who will then walk it over to the moving van. Another person could be on the moving truck, arranging the boxes and furniture to ensure they are secure during transport. Bonus tip: to make the move go faster (and drier), group all the moving boxes together by the front door or garage to make it easy to just grab and go.


Last-Minute Tips

Always try to head for cover when you can. Ask one of your Houston movers to back their moving van close to your garage or front door. Pop-up tents along the path to the moving truck are also a great makeshift solution when it rains. The best way though to move in the rain is by hiring a professional Houston moving company to do the work. Movers are trained to handle all different types of weather and the experts at All My Sons Moving & Storage have been through it all. Call today to learn more about our affordable moving services and see how we can help when you’re moving to Houston in the rain.