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An Insider’s Guide to Houston, Texas

Natalia Harms, a local Houston writer of the It’s Not Hou It’s Me blog, is sharing all the great info about the city. Born, , and educated in Houston, Harms can give you a true insider’s perspective about things to do in Houston and current goings-on happening around the city. From trendy restaurants to the new fitness studios, Harms is sharing her wisdom for this insider’s guide to Houston, Texas.


What’s your favorite place to visit in Houston

Buffalo Bayou Park. A 160-acre green space in west Downtown Houston is a unique hot spot for the locals. “You're right in the middle of town, yet it feels like a whole other world. It's so uniquely Houston.” Say Harms. Buffalo Bayou Park has some of the lushest gardens and landscaping. Visitors are able to bike, hike, picnic, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors.1 This park is perfect for those who want a break from city life to take a moment to breathe without leaving the city itself. It’s no wonder this is Natalia Harms’ favorite place to visit in Houston.


What’s your favorite restaurant in Houston?

Hungry and new to the city of Houston? Not sure where to go? Nancy Hustle is the answer to your dilemma. Located on the east side of Houston, Nancy’s Hustle is a modern bistro and wine bar. “It has the best atmosphere” according to Harms. This place serves a mix of European and New American cuisine in an intimate setting. In the mood for something savory? Harms recommends the Nancy Cakes, served with whipped butter and smoked trout roe.2


What would you tell someone who was not sure about moving here?

Moving to Houston is, of course, an idea you should discuss with the family if you have one, but if you are looking for something different, this is the city for you. As a true Houston local who actually did leave for a couple of months to live in New York, Harms couldn’t wait to be back. “I think I've learned over time that Houston isn't for everyone! And visiting is SO different from living here. When you live here, you really get to know all the ins and outs of the city and learn how unique and fun it is. Oh, and don't worry about the heat and humidity — you get used to it.”


If you were moving, would you use a moving company, bribe a friend, or do it yourself?

With that being said about Houston, we asked Natalie Harms one last question about hiring a moving company or doing it yourself. Harms recommendation was to hire a moving company. She said, “In the past, I've always used a moving company. It's always faster and I don't have the guilt of making my friends and family sweat!”


To learn more about our local Houston movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage give us a call at 281-612-7973 for more information. If you’d like a more in-depth insider’s guide to Houston, check out Natalie Harms’ blog It's Not Hou It’s Me for other hip and trendy places in the city.



1. Buffalo Bayou Park

2. Nancy Hustle