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2019 Presents Kids Will Love

The weather is cooling off, the year is flying by and the holiday season is finally upon us! You may know a few gift ideas for your older friends and family but what about the kids in your life? Our dedicated Houston movers have the lowdown on the 2019 presents kids will love.


Top Toys for Kids

Among the best 2019 presents kids will love are toys, of course! You can never go wrong with gifting a child the latest and greatest toys. If you are looking to gift your nephew or friend’s child a holiday present this year, check out the top toys for kids suggested by our Houston local movers.

1. Plush Puppets

Plush puppets are great gift ideas for the kids in your life that are under the age of 8. You can purchase plush dolls that come with different accessories that are great for dressing up. They even have a Baby Shark puppet that sings its infamous song.

2. Action Figures

There are so many action figures that would make excellent 2019 presents kids will love! You can find action figures that look identical to movie figures like Avengers and Transformers. There are action figures available for a wide variety of age groups to ensure there is a perfect one for every age.

3. Virtual Reality Video Games

Virtual reality has taken over the toy industry for 2019. There are virtual reality video games offered for major gaming systems like PlayStation. You can also find virtual reality gaming headsets on other various devices.


Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Children

For the child that has all the toys in the world, it can be hard to come up with gift ideas. Thankfully our Houston residential movers recommend a few non-toy gift ideas for children.

1. Clothes

Clothes are a great gift that isn’t your typical toy for the holidays. Not only will kids enjoy your gift but the parents will definitely appreciate them. You can gift a pair of holiday pajamas, new shoes or maybe a sports jersey for the kids in your life.

2. Activities

Another excellent non-toy gift idea for children are actual activities. Instead of gifting your kids an object they most likely will outgrow you can give them a memory instead. You can gift them a trip to Disney or maybe a cruise. For a less expensive option, you can gift them a fun baking or decorating class or a ticket to a sporting event.

3. Personalized Items

Personalized items are wonderful gift ideas that are non-toys. You can get a set of towels embroidered with your children’s names or maybe a plush blanket. Children feel more special when they receive personalized items.


Creative Gifts that Promote Learning

There is nothing wrong with promoting learning during the holiday season. Our kids are the future and it’s never too early to ignite their creative minds. Our Houston long-distance movers’ suggest a few more 2019 presents kids will love.

1. Puzzles

Puzzles are known as excellent creative gifts that promote learning. You can purchase a puzzle for all different age groups and learning abilities. If you want your gift to be even more special, you can create your own puzzle with a personal photo.

2. Books

Books are creative gifts that promote learning for all types of readers. There is a book that is suited for each kid in the world. If your kids are more digitally inclined you can purchase an e-reader like a Kindle or Nook to encourage them to read more frequently.

3. Art Sets

Art is one of the most creative outlets that also promotes creativity.  You can gift the children in your life an art set equipped with markers, pens, paint, chalk and other art supplies.


As the holiday season approaches, our team hopes you’ve brainstormed a few gift ideas for your kids. Contact us today if you have further questions about moving, our services or more gift ideas.