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Are you moving to Houston? Contact our full-service Houston movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage today to receive your FREE no-obligation quote! We are one of the best Houston moving companies, and we would be honored to be your go-to for Texas relocations. Family is the center of our business. All My Sons Moving & Storage will take care of all the planning and execution as if we were moving our own. Our Houston moving services are equipped with excellent skills in planning, packing, loading, driving, and delivering your belongings. We train our team with a benchmark for excellence that outweighs all other full-service Houston movers. Our Houston movers never fail to give you the peace of mind that your valuables are in the hands of the moving pros.

Is Houston, TX a Good Place to Live?

Over two million people call Houston, TX home. Residents can enjoy several cultural attractions. For example, the Museum of Fine Arts has a world-renowned art collection. The Houston Zoo is home to 6,000 animals whose mission is to connect communities to animals and to inspire individuals to save wildlife. The Space Center Houston is the official visitor center of NASA Johnson Space Center. The facility displays 400 space artifacts that focus on the history of space exploration. Another popular destination is the Menil Collection which houses a 17,000 piece collection of sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs, and rare books. The Children's Museum Houston is a haven with numerous hands-on exhibits. Also, the Downtown Aquarium has over 200 species of aquatic animals, two restaurants, bars, and banquet facilities. The Aquarium also holds special programs like Marine Biologist for a Day, Zoologist for a Day, and a Sea Safari Camp. The Kemah Boardwalk, built along the shores of Galveston Bay and Clear Lake, is a premier boardwalk. It has over ten restaurants, rides, games, boutique hotels, a marina, and shops.

Is Downtown Houston Dangerous?

Moving to Houston, like any city, generally comes with higher crime rates. Houston is no exception. The violent crime rate is 50.4, nearly double the national average of 22.7. Houston property crime rate is 63.2 compared to the nation's 35.4.

Transportation and taxis are generally safe; however, avoid the bus, metro, and railroad stations at night. Pickpocketer, purse snatching, vehicle theft, and break-ins are common types of petty crimes. When moving to Houston, also be aware that Houston is prone to hurricanes that cause flooding as well as catastrophic hail storms and earthquakes. Terrorism and women travelers are low-risk factors but, scam risk is high, so be aware of your surroundings. Typically one crime partner will divert your attention while the other steals your wallet, bag, or phone.

Is Houston Cheap to Live?

When moving to Texas, expect the cost of living to be slightly lower than the nations, about 96.5 compared to 100 on the index. However, compared to Texas and a rate of 93.9, the cost of living in Houston is higher. Residents pay more in categories for transportation and miscellaneous (which generally represents clothing, entertainment, repairs, and restaurants.

The average household income in Houston is about $52,338. The median house value is $171,800 and rent on average is $1,041 a month. The unemployment rate is 8% which is slightly higher than the national average. The sales tax rate is 8.2% compared to a 7.3% national average. This is offset, however, by having no income taxes. Lastly, the job growth rate is projected to grow 30.9% in the next decade, which is less than the national average of 33.5%.

Contact the Professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage!

When you are ready to look for Houston moving service, contact All My Sons Moving & Storage Houston, full-service movers. We are dedicated to successfully relocating customers to their destination with ease. You can count on the Houston movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage to transport all your valuables safely and with care. With over thirty years of experience in the relocation industry, you can rely on our expertise. Don’t forget to check out the All My Sons Moving Checklist, Is There a Moving Checklist? To help you plan your move. In the meantime, contact our professional movers in Houston today for your free, no-obligation quote!

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