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How To Pack Makeup for Moving

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Our expert packers have seen many things with moving people to their new homes, one of the being makeup disasters of loose powders and liquid products that weren’t properly sealed and packed. We know that makeup can be pricey so don’t let a moving mishap cost you! Here are some tips on how to pack makeup for moving! 

Protect Pressed Powders

These can be extremely messy if broken loose. Powders like eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, etc. should have a cotton pad placed in between the powder and lid. It will provide some cushion and should keep everything in place when makeup packing. 

Wrap Nail Polish

If there is anything we can guarantee is that nail polish STAINS. Breaking a nail polish bottle during a move could cause a lot of damage to your belongings. So to try and prevent that from happening, wrap each bottle in some newspaper and then place them into a sealable plastic bag. 

Also, note that nail polish is flammable and will not be able to be packed in a moving truck if you hire a company. 

Separate Liquids

Another one of our makeup packing hacks is to remove the lids of your liquid products, place a plastic bag or some cling wrap over the opening, then replace the lid. This will help to avoid leaks and spills during the move. As an added protection, you can also wrap the products in bubble wrap or newspaper to prevent breaking. 

Cover Loose Powders

Another product on our cosmetic packing list is loose powders. To avoid your loose powders going everywhere, put them in a plastic bag, wrap them in cling wrap, or tape them shut around the lid.

Now that you know how to pack makeup for moving, our residential movers also want to point out that it's important to focus on where you will put everything. Investing in a makeup bag set or cosmetic case is a great idea. For those of you with more makeup than a bag can handle, a train case will be the best bet! 

If you are ready to make our next move call us! We will give you a free moving quote and have packing supplies available for purchase so you know you are getting trustworthy materials.  

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