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How to Make Moving to Pensacola Less Stressful

All My Sons Moving & Storage in Florida

All My Sons Moving & Storage, your premier Pensacola moving company, is here to share with you some simple ways you can make moving less stressful. Planning, packing, and moving can be a breeze when you work with a professional moving company.


Complete an inventory of your home or apartment and make a list of the items you want to keep, and get rid of the ones you no longer have an emotional connection to. Having a yard sale may be a great way to make extra cash. Enroll your friends and family to help you organize the yard sale; or, if you prefer, you can donate to a charitable organization in your area to declutter your home before you embark to your new location.

Go Out and Get Estimates

Start making phone calls in advance to obtain moving quotes, and compare the different companies and their quotes. Always contact certified licensed and insured moving professionals to obtain reliable quotes and estimates. All My Sons Moving & Storage full-service movers in Pensacola are licensed and insured. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are uncertain or unclear of what it is involved when it comes to your relocation. Click here to contact one of our certified moving specialist to obtain the best quote in the Pensacola area.


If you have valuable pieces that you won’t allow anyone to come in contact with, such as sentimental jewelry, plan to carry it separately. You can bring these things along with you in your car instead of in the truck with your movers. Prepare a list of the items that require extra special attention, and inform the moving consultant of those. All My Sons Moving & Storage will professionally wrap and pack your belongings with care. Thus, you will be comfortable knowing that your belongings are being handled with the utmost care and respect.

Moving Date

When the big day arrives, provide the movers with a home sketch indicating where the furniture, large pieces, and boxes should go at the new place. This will make the moving and delivery of the items a breeze. Plan to have cash in hand to tip your movers based on customer satisfaction. You should also have extra cash in the event you need to order take-out!

Read Your Rights and Responsibilities to get familiarized with All My Sons Moving & Storage terms and conditions to ease your mind, and have a worry free move.