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Popular Miami Sports Teams

Welcome to the city where the heat is on! Whether you’re looking to go White Hot with the Miami Heat or splash a home run out of the park at Marlin stadium, the sports fans among our Miami movers know all about the most popular Miami sports teams. If you’re a lover of all things sports then you’re in luck!

Miami has many professional and collegiate sports teams to cheer for throughout the year. From football to NASCAR races, there is plenty to watch in the world of sports when you move to Miami. Trust your Miami local movers to get you settled into your new home while you enjoy a day at the ballpark!

The main trifecta of sports in Miami includes the Miami Heat basketball team, the Miami Marlins baseball team, and the Miami Dolphins football team. Each of our major sports teams has won championships and some of the most beloved athletes have played for our hometown teams. Despite the infamous heat the Sunshine State is known for, the state of Florida is home to many professional hockey teams, but Miami claims the Florida Panthers as their NHL team. The best-known NCAA team in Miami belongs to the University of Miami. The UM Hurricanes have made quite a name for themselves in collegiate football since the ‘80s, with such notable players as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ray Lewis. Though Florida International University’s football team may not be as recognized as other collegiate football teams in the state, other FIU sports have made a mark, particularly in soccer and baseball.

Miami residential movers are excited that soon there will also be a professional soccer team in Miami as well. This means there will always be a sport to enjoy throughout the year when you move to Miami.


Miami’s Beloved Home Teams

Miami Heat – Head over to the American Airlines Arena and witness the Miami Heat as they dominate the court. The Heat is part of the Eastern Conference Southeast Division and has won 3 NBA Championships, two of which were back to back. The Heat’s recent success has made them one of the most popular Miami sports teams in recent years and there is no Miami basketball player more beloved than Dwayne Wade. This is, after all, Wade County.

Located close to the heart of Downtown Miami, the AAA arena is within walking distance of Bayside, an outdoor shopping and entertainment center where you can grab a bite to eat, a drink, listen to live music, tour the bay area on a boat, or simply take in the spectacular views of the city. Bayfront Park and the AAA arena itself often host numerous concerts and events throughout the year as well.


Miami Marlins – Meet up at Marlins Stadium where you can watch the Miami Marlins knock one out of the park and have not just a great hotdog at a ballpark, but regional cuisine from local vendors and other popular eateries featured in the stadium. The Marlins are part of the National League East division and have won two world series championships. Often the stadium will host other events or themed days when there’s a baseball game. There are certain days where you can bring your pet, or they offer discounted tickets or free team merchandise, and sometimes a major artist will perform after the game. Enjoy the show behind home plate every time the Marlins hit a home run and marvel at the 450-gallon fish tanks!


Miami Dolphins – Head over to the Hard Rock Stadium to see the Miami Dolphins try to defend their home field. The Dolphins are part of the East division in the NFL and their fans are the most loyal fans around. Though the Dolphins have not won an NFL Championship since 1973, that doesn’t stop diehard Dolphins fans from boasting about that perfect, undefeated season that no team has ever been able to accomplish since. Fans continue showing up, tailgating, and cheering for their home team rain or shine.


Florida Panthers – Be prepared to freeze at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, FL when you attend a Panthers hockey game. There is rarely an empty seat in the stadium during hockey season and Panthers games are quite the 2 hours of entertainment. There’s plenty to eat inside the stadium and endless opportunities to pop up on the jumbotron. A Panthers game is a great way to celebrate a weekday birthday or catch up with old friends. Don’t forget to get a picture down by the ice before you go!


Miami Hurricanes – The Hurricanes college football team represents the University of Miami in the NCAA Conference. The Hurricanes have one of the most decorated football programs in their conference’s history. You can see them play at Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday afternoons or evenings.


Fun Sporting Events in Miami

Aside from the major sporting events in Miami such as basketball, football, and baseball, there are so many other games and matches to attend in the Magic City. The Miami long-distance movers recommend other fun sporting events in Miami that may not have a specific team affiliation. Florida’s beachy weather makes for a beautiful day out every day.

• PGA Golf tournaments

• Monster truck rallies

• Soccer games

• Jai Alai tournaments

• Tennis tournaments

• Motorsport races and events