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Popular Moving Apps

With an upcoming move to Miami in your schedule, your plate is most likely full of various errands. Such errands may include reserving Florida movers to help you move into the new home effortlessly, contacting friends and family about the approaching move, scheduling a home security installation, and so on. However, while it feels like you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off, there are specific apps you can use to facilitate the move. Our Miami movers go into detail on popular moving apps to use before you relocate.



If you still haven’t decided on where your new residence will be in Miami, install Zillow[1]for a little help. As one of the popular moving apps out there, Zillowlets users browse through thousands of “for sale” and rental listings from across the country. This app also provides users with resources throughout to help them in each stage of the home-hunting process, including current mortgage rates. In addition, Zillowfeatures a real-time walkthrough of a prospective neighborhood, giving you the greatest home search experience.



After deciding on your new home, plan your furniture arrangement in advance with Magicplan.[2]With the app open, you’re able to walk around and record the dimensions of the home to recreate the floorplan in an augmented reality, which you can use to visualize the furnished space.

Magicplanis one of the best apps to help you move to Miami because, along with floorplan creation, it also includes 3D models, site surveying, and virtual tours. 



Packing before a move isn’t the most exciting task to complete. That’s why you should install one of the most popular moving apps in 2019, Sortly,[3]to your phone. Sortlysimplifies the packing process by allowing users to sort items by room as well as create labels for packing boxes, making it a great moving organization app to add to your relocation arsenal. 

If Sortlycan’t do the trick, you can always book our Miami packing services to take the tedious task off your hands. While using high-quality packing material, our Miami movers will securely pack all items and furniture to ensure their security for the move.


Uber Eats

Getting ready for a move to Miami can leave you famished. Sure, you can get the pots cookin’ in the kitchen; however, they’re most likely packed away. You can even drive to your favorite restaurant to satisfy your taste buds, but our Miami auto movers probably already have your car securely hitched onto our auto transport truck.  Our Florida movers highly recommend adding Uber Eats to the list of popular moving apps you should download to ensure you stay well-fed. With this app, you can have freshly-made dishes from local restaurants delivered to your door in a jiffy, saving you the stress of wondering “what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner?”


We’ve Got Your Back

When preparing your move to Miami, make sure to contact our Miami movers. We offer a variety of quality relocation services that will make sure you’re moved in on-schedule and hassle-free. Call 305-907-2184 for your free, no-obligation quote.




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