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Moving with Pets | Miami

As you’re planning your move to Miami, you’ll be considering your pets while doing so. Animals tend to become anxious and risk a higher chance of getting lost during the move. Aside from everyone’s safety, your furry friend and their well-being should be your top priority as you move into your new home. When you select our Miami relocation services as your first choice, you’ll get to dot all your “i’s” and cross all your “t’s” to take care of your pet as you relocate.

Tips for Moving with Pets

Before you prepare for your move to Miami, there are some universal tips to help make the process easier for you and your furry friend. Here are some tips for moving with pets to help you stay organized in regard to your pets’ welfare:

Get in Touch with Your Vet

Let your vet know about your move to retrieve your pets’ records for their new vet. Also, ask your vet for recommendations for new veterinarians in the area you’re moving to, along with any new shots/vaccinations your pet may need before you move.   

Update Contact Info/Tracking

Take all the preventive steps to ensure that you’ll be reunited with your furry friend just in case they happen to get lost. Update your contact information on their tag with their name, your new address, and phone number. Take the extra measure to microchip your cat or dog, and if you have a bird, have a leg band attached to them.

Section Off Personal Space for Pets

Moving day can be quite chaotic, so designate a space for your pet to reduce their anxiety as you’re moving your belongings out. When you move into your new home, also designate a spot for them to slowly acclimate themselves to their surroundings.

Moving Long Distance with Pets

Making the move to Miami from a long-distance? Don’t let the thought be daunting, since there are easy tactics to make moving long-distance with pets go smoother:

Prepare an Overnight Kit

It may take you awhile to arrive to your new home in Miami, so prepare for the long-haul and create an overnight kit for your pet. Include items like food, litter (for cats), your furry friend’s favorite toys, and grooming tools. This kit can help them feel relaxed during and after the move as our long-distance movers get your belongings unpacked.

Bring Your Pet in Your Car

If you’re driving to your new home, bring your pet along with you in the car. Keep your pet in a kennel in the backseat with a seatbelt to secure. Also, throw a blanket over the kennel to keep your pet from seeing the changing environment, which can induce their anxiety.

Make the Move to Miami with AMS

Our professional movers of All My Sons Miami can help you make the move to your new home; whether it’s a local or long-distance move. Want to know more about moving with pets tips or get a free, moving quote? Feel free to reach out to our expert movers to find out more!