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Moving with Children | Miami

Now that you’ve finally decided to move to Miami, it’s time for you to get on top of important relocation tasks. Such tasks might include contacting our Miami local movers to help you move into the new home and updating your address with various places of importance. However, amongst the flurry of excitement, your children may not be so enthusiastic to relocate. Children might be excited, but they might also not really understand what’s going on and they may be nervous simply due to the fact the environment they’re used to is suddenly changing. Not to worry, our Miami movers of All My Sons can share helpful tips about moving with children.


Before Moving with Children

Our Miami local movers suggest you mentally prepare the little ones about a month before the move to Miami. First, have a family meeting to discuss what everyone should expect to happen on the day of your move and afterwards. Plan a day of fun as a reward for the kids once the family has settled into the new home. This can include a variety of fun activities such as going to an arcade, theme parks, the beach, and more. Keep talking to your children about the move to Miami in the weeks leading up to the move to help them feel less like they’ve been caught off-guard once our Miami movers arrive on your moving day.


In addition to talking about the move to Miami, have the children think about how they want to decorate their new room. Pick out accessories to compliment their new room such as lava lamps, rugs, curtains, and posters. You can even have them pick out their favorite color to paint their new room and keep them optimistic about the move.


Moving Day

Now that the day of the move has finally arrived, it’s especially important to pay attention to the kids’ behavior for signs of unease. Once our Miami local movers arrive at your home, introduce them to your children to help the little ones see our movers less like strangers and more like friends. Our Miami full-service movers know the stress that comes along with moving, especially for children, so they can help the kids relax.


While our full-service movers are packing your valuables as part of our Miami packing services, keep the kids in a designated area of the home away from the chaos. Keep them preoccupied with their favorite items such as coloring books, picture books, arts and crafts, or a mobile tablet to stream their favorite movies or TV shows.


After Moving with Children

After our Miami full-service movers help you settle into your new home, help the kids become acclimated to their new neighborhood by fulfilling the day of fun you promised a while ago. Visit fun attractions such as arcades, the beach, theme parks, aquariums, or any local spots they might like.


Along with the day of fun, introduce the family to neighbors in the area to help the kids familiarize themselves with those who live close by. These very same neighbors may have children of their own your kids can befriend. What a way to introduce the kids to their new city of Miami!


Make Your Move to Miami a Breeze with All My Sons

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