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Long Distance Moving Guide

Planning a move to another state, or even another country, the entire moving process is much different than simply planning a move down the street. You’re likely to have mixed emotions when moving across the country, so allow our long distance movers in Miami from All My Sons Moving & Storage to ease a bit of your stress. We’ve created a mini long distance moving guide you can refer to when preparing for your move to Miami.

Plan Ahead

Because long distance moves are major life events, the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to plan ahead. Reach out to different Miami full-service movers a few months before you actually move to start planning your relocation. The summertime is one of the most popular times to move to a new home, so by planning ahead you’ll have your moving slot prepared and won’t be left without a moving company to handle the hard stuff.

Establish a Moving Budget

The cost of a move directly depends on how many belongings you’re bringing, more specifically, how heavy your items are. You also have to keep in mind that costs may go up the further your long distance movers in Miami are driving. It’s important to add up all the potential costs before packing up your moving van. Unexpected things can also happen during a long distance move, as well. Fluctuating gas prices and food while traveling are two small variables you should calculate into your moving budget.

Have a Schedule

Time can slip through your fingers when you’re in the middle of a move, so it’s important to keep organized with a calendar or schedule to make sure you’re staying on target. Some chores during your moving process can take more time than others, so allot yourself the proper amount of time to pack everything. Once you know you’re moving in the summertime, you can start packing your Christmas decorations and winter clothes a couple months before the actual move.

Make Sure You’re Insured

A lot can happen while your belongings are in the back of a moving truck while it’s traveling for hundreds of miles. Before your move, it’s important to determine whether you want full-value coverage or if you would rather stick to basic coverage. If you’re unsure of which coverage will work best for you, just ask the professionals at All My Sons and they can help you make your decision.

A few more things you should keep in mind on your long distance move are:

Make sure to label all your boxes properly and detailed
Get acquainted to your new area
Do your research on a few Miami full-service movers
Learn to purge while packing
Develop a system
Know where you’re going

For a smooth move, contact All My Sons Moving & Storage today. We’ll take the stress out of your long distance move to Miami!