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How to Save Money While Moving

As you’re just weeks away from your move to Miami, you may have a calculator out to gauge the expense for your move. After looking at the total cost of your ideal move, you might experience a sinking feeling as you realize it surpasses your budget. Doing a DIY move takes more effort and, without proper planning, can quickly add up. However, there are tactics you can use to save money before and during your move. Our Miami movers at All My Sons share some helpful tips on how to save money while moving.

Declutter Your Belongings

Do you really need that stack of old magazines? Or what about that mess of old cables from old phone and other electronic devices? By taking the time to reduce the load you want to transfer to your new house, you also reduce the amount of packing materials you would need to purchase. You can start by donating books to the library, a copious amount of them can weigh you down. If you have difficulty parting with your precious books, you can use Media Mail via the United States Postal Service, who will let you mail a twenty-pound box of books for $12.

What about your collection of CDs and DVDs you have tucked away? Substitute your CDs with music streaming services such as iTunes, Spotify, or Tidal. For your DVDs, web-streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu should have all your favorite movies and TV shows available on their service.

Move During the Off-Season

Another way you can save money while moving is by scheduling it during the fall and winter months. Most people are reluctant to move during these times of the year due to weather conditions. As a result, South Florida moving companies such as ours offer Miami relocation services at a reduced price. Moving during the off-season can save you about thirty percent on the cost of hiring our Miami movers.

Don’t Purchase Boxes

When you’re moving on a budget and shopping for packing material for your DIY move to Miami, don’t buy boxes. There are free boxes everywhere if you just ask. Places like the liquor store or a local grocery market always have empty boxes on hand from newly shipped inventory. As a bonus, you know boxes that liquor are sturdy because they need to support the weight of glass bottles that are full. What’s more is some of the liquor stores’ boxes are sectioned, making it ideal to pack drinking glasses.

You can reduce the number of cardboard boxes and other packing materials altogether by using items you already own to pack up your belongings. Your luggage set or clothes hamper can fit quite a bit of stuff. Even your dresser drawers can be used to transport some items. You can use your linens, such as towels or bed sheets to protect fragile items or top off a box that’s getting a bit too heavy but still has some room left so the items don’t shift too much during the move.

Tax Write-Off

Fortunately, moving to Miami can be considered a tax write-off by the IRS.  In order to use your move as a tax write-off, you must meet certain criteria, such as the relocation being job-related and it being a minimum of fifty miles away from your current home.

Save Money with All My Sons

If you just have too much to move on your own or if you have a pre-existing condition the prevents you from completing the move by yourself, contact our professional Miami local or long-distance movers for our affordable relocation services. Our customizable relocation packages are priced in a way that can be adjusted to meet your budget. For over twenty years, we have provided high-quality relocation services to families and businesses across the country to help them move effortlessly and on-schedule. Don’t wait, call our South Florida moving company for your free, no-obligation moving quote.


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