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What NOT to Pack on the Moving Truck

You’ve got a moving truck ready to get going, and all your boxes are packed-up. However, there’s still something you’ll want to keep in-mind: not all your belongings were created equal! The Boynton Beach movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage agree that there are a few things you may not want to load into the truck. The couch? Good to go. Kitchen table? Absolutely fine. Box of wrapped-and-protected collectible figurines? Still alright. So, WHAT is it that you may not want to load onto the truck?

Perishable or Unsealed Foods. This one may be a no-brainer, but you may not want to put perishable foods (including meats, milk, eggs, fruit, etc.) in the moving truck. Especially without a climate-controlled and well-monitored cooler, these things can go bad and stink up your entire house-worth of belongings. Your best bet here is to either finish these food items off ASAP or throw them away if you’re not going to consume them prior to moving day.

Prescription Medications. Probably not a good idea to leave these buried in a box in the back of the moving truck. Even if you may know exactly where that box is, you’re going to want quick access to your medications, lest you suffer whatever consequences there may be!

Unprotected Fragile or Easily-Damaged Belongings. Maybe your tabletop is made of glass, or your furniture is made of wood or other relatively easily damaged material—if they’re not protected, don’t pack it into the truck just yet. Boynton Beach movers suggest you avoid the potential damage, the glass cleanup, or potential for injury if your tabletop shatters in the truck during transport.

Hazardous Materials. These include, but are not limited to, oil/gasoline, ammunition, weapons, charcoal, fertilizer, nail polish remover, cleansers (like bleach or ammonia), lighter fluid, and pesticides or poisons. Some of these items may be illegal to transport, according to some state and federal laws, most certainly if your Boynton Beach movers have not been informed of or asked about those materials. Don’t risk the possible 5 years in prison or $250,000 fines.

You can read the federal guidelines on limitations and how to move hazardous materials. The resources in the link are quite exhaustive and may be too much so for the average bear, so call the Boynton Beach moves at All My Sons Moving & Storage to get a clearer and more concise picture on moving hazardous materials!

Immediate Necessities. You probably won’t want to have your phone charger sitting in the back of the moving truck somewhere. You need to keep that thing charged! Snacks and drinks, the baby’s diaper bag, a change of clothes, your wallet/money, and all your other necessary items might not be very useful in the back of the moving truck. Keep those where you can easily access them.

Your Kids! Alright, we’ll admit, this one was just for a laugh—but seriously, don’t pack your kids into the back of the moving truck.


When you’re ready to make the move or if you’ve got any questions regarding moving, give the Boynton Beach movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage. And whether you need full- or partial-service or just a few supplies, we’ve got you covered!