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Top Public Schools in Boynton Beach

Relocating to a new city is an exciting experience that can also bring up a lot of tough decisions. Choosing where to enroll your kids in Boynton Beach, Florida is a tricky choice but thankfully you don’t have to do it alone. Our dedicated Boynton Beach movers are here to share a few public schools in Boynton Beach that are worth checking out.

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Public Elementary Schools in Boynton Beach

If you children are at least five years old and under 11 they are qualified to register for elementary school. As you begin your research for public schools in Boynton Beach, our residential Boynton Beach movers suggest you keep these elementary schools in mind.

1. Sunset Palms Elementary School

This elementary school opened in 2008 and has almost 1,000 students enrolled in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. At Sunset Palms, your kids will be taught from educators who want to see your kids succeed. They have above average test scores with high proficiency in math and reading.

2. Crystal Lakes Elementary School

Another excellent A-rated elementary school in Boynton Beach is Crystal Lakes. This school opened in 1991 and there are currently over 730 students enrolled in PreK-5th grade. There is an average 16:1 student to teacher ratio. Their educators strive to teach your children the necessary information to succeed and perform well on tests and beyond.


Public Middle Schools in Boynton Beach

Not only is moving to a new town a tough transition but your preteens will be enrolling in a new middle school. Our local Boynton Beach movers are here to explain a few public middle schools in Boynton Beach to help your decision go more smoothly.  


1.Christa McAuliffe Middle School

This highly rated public middle school is one of the beach in the school district of Palm Beach County. Christa McAuliffe opened in 1986 and currently has over 1,200 students spread across grades 6-8. This school has above average state test scores with high proficiency in math and reading.

2. Somerset Academy Canyons Middle School

This is a public charter middle school that has over 800 students enrolled. Over 70% of students are proficient in both math and reading. Charter schools are similar to normal public schools; however, they are independently run and granted more flexibility with its operations. They also have great athletic and performing arts classes with a strong curriculum.


Public High Schools in Boynton Beach

The final stop before your bright pupils enter the real world is high school. According to our Boynton Beach long-distance movers, our community is filled with excellent high schools that will provide your children with a vigorous education.

1. Suncoast High School

This is a top-rated, public magnet school in Riviera Beach, Florida. There are a little over 1,500 students in grades 9-12. Their students are some of the brightest in the district with over 80% proficiency in math and reading. In addition to their strong curriculum and staff, there are over 30 sports teams and over 80 clubs and organizations.

2. Atlantic Community High School

This public school in Boynton Beach has been around since 1958 with their Eagle mascot. There are over 2,300 enrolled students in grade 9-12 who share a passion for learning. They have a gifted educators who are encouraging and kind. Your kids have the opportunity to join one of their many sports programs and clubs.


Our moving company hopes you have peace of mind when it comes to relocating to Boynton Beach, Florida. Now that you are more aware of a few public schools in Boynton Beach you can focus on your move. Call us today to learn more about our moving services and let our family move yours.