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Preparing for Hurricanes

Many people choose to live in Boynton Beach due to its sunny weather and year-round warmth. But, the city’s location also puts it in the path of potential risk during hurricane season. Though we’re already several months into hurricane season, there is still a risk of storms. September-October often brings the busiest parts of the season, so now is the time to refresh yourself and ensure that you’re prepared in the event of an emergency. Our Boynton Beach movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage live locally in the city, and they know how to properly prepare for a storm. Consider these key components to ensure you’re ready for a hurricane.

Hurricane Prep Tip 1: Food, Medicine, & Water

You should make sure that you’ve got plenty of food and water for everyone in your household. You should have a two-week supply of nonperishable food and safe drinking water, along with all medications. Ideally, you should have three gallons of clean water per person per day. When a storm is on its way, fill your prescriptions at the pharmacy and stock up on food and water.

Hurricane Prep Tip 2: Gas, Generators, & Lanterns

Even if you don’t have a generator for your home, make sure to hit up the gas station before the storm comes! You want to be sure that you have plenty of gas in your car in case you need to drive around after the all-clear. Make sure you also have battery powered lanterns and extra batteries! Consider buying a battery powered radio in case cell phone, cable, and internet service go down during the storm.

Hurricane Prep Tip 3: Protect Your Property

Ideally, you’ll have impact windows or hurricane shutters. Otherwise, our Boynton Beach movers suggest plywood over the windows. You should also clear your yard of any possible debris and bring all patio furniture inside, so it doesn’t become a projectile during the storm.

For more in-depth hurricane preparation tips, click here. Remember, always heed local warnings and alerts. Safety should be your top priority if a storm is on its way.