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Important Papers To Keep Checklist

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One of the many things to worry about during a move is transferring important documents. Now if you’re new to moving you may be wondering what documents count as “important.” All My Sons Moving & Storage has put together an “important papers to keep” checklist of what you are going to need. 

Driver’s License

This is always important to have with you during a move even if a professional company, like All My Sons Moving & Storage, is moving for you. You will likely need to show your license to set utility and/or cable services at your new home.


Passports can be pricey and take a while to re-issue, so to avoid dealing with that keep it close and protected. Depending on where you are moving, and if it's for work, you may need to show your employer your passport as proof of citizenship and the right to work.

Birth Certificate/ Social Security Card

Keeping this close by will prove helpful during a move because many states require that you provide proof of your legal name and date of birth in order to update your driver’s license or vehicle registrations. 

Title for the Car/ Vehicle Registration Records

If you are moving across state lines you’ll need your car’s title handy to change your car's registration from one state to another. Your registration is also important to have so you can update the registration records with your new address and other information that will need updating. 

Medical Records for Your Kids

Your move could take you to a new school district which means your kids' new school will need their medical and vaccination records. This also helps to get your kids enrolled and start school without delay. 

PSA: Don’t forget about your medical records too when preparing your moving documents!

Vet Records for Your Pet

Moving can cause a lot of stress on our pets and just in case that stress gets the best of them it’s good to have an updated copy of the records for the new vet if necessary. 

Checks/ Bank Information

When it comes to moving you will be writing a decent number of checks, the plumber, the electrician, the painters, the cable guys, etc. If the companies you hire like to go old school then having your checkbook close by will be very helpful. 

Copies of Lease/Homeowners Insurance Policy

In order to do things like turn on new utility services or register your pet at town hall, you’ll need to have extra copies of your lease papers or homeowners insurance policy on hand to provide proof of residency. 

How To Pack Files for Moving

How to pack your papers for moving? The best way to start is by downsizing and getting organized. Moving is a great reason to clean out the old files and pack what you need. A little “pack or purge'' will save you the hassle when moving into your new home. 

Separating your papers into years and types: bank, medical, receipts, taxes, etc. 

What would your move be without an important papers to keep checklist? For more moving tips and tricks check out our All My Sons Moving & Storage moving blog and call us for a free moving quote today! 

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