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Moving With Pets in the Summer

Summer is a time for fun, sun, and a whole lot of heat. If you are planning a family vacation or moving with pets in the summer, there are some important factors you might want to consider. Our Boynton Beach movers share some tips to help prevent your pet from feeling the intense effects of the heat.


Pet Hydration

One of the key elements when moving with your pet in the summer is making sure they stay extremely hydrated. Give your pet plenty of water before and during the car trip, always have a bowl of water or bottle of water handy to give to your pet if they need it.

Car Temperature

Just like us humans, pets, especially covered in all that fur, do not like the intense heat inside of a car that’s been baking under the sun. They have a harder time cooling themselves off. If you’re moving with pets in the summer, make sure to have the air-conditioning on. If you do not have that luxury in the car, leave the windows open at all times and remember to never leave your pet in a hot car with the windows rolled up. Need help with auto transportation? Ask our Boynton Beach auto movers to transport your vehicle.


Adjusting the Crate Size

When moving with your pets in the summer, you want to first have a crate available to keep your pet from running off when you are in the moving process. You want a crate that is big enough for them to lay down in, so they don’t feel cramped. Having enough airflow in the crate allows your pet to be able to breathe easily and feel the cool breezes once you have the air conditioning going or the windows rolled down.

If your pet has never been crated before, start trying to get them used to it about a month or two before the move date. Set up the crate in a room and place their food and water in it so they can adjust to this new experience.

Talking with a Vet

Some pets may have more specific needs in which they will need to see a vet before they go on their long trek. Visit the vet to talk about what precautions you should take, prepare a backup plan, and request your pet’s paperwork. Make sure your pet’s vaccines and paperwork are all up to date. Research vets in the new area and schedule an appointment so your pet could get to know their new vet.

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At our South Florida moving company, we are dedicated to making your moving process as effortless on your part as possible. All our Boynton Beach local movers are pet-friendly, so we encourage all of our customers to move with their pets. Call our team of professional movers to learn more about other services we offer and remember to keep your pets cool during the summer season.