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The 411 on Moving Insurance

When it comes to moving, the process is stressful on its own. From packing your entire home or office to creating inventory lists and hiring movers, the list of to-dos is pretty long. But one important item that must be on that list is moving insurance. Our Boynton Beach movers have heard many horror stories where moving insurance would have made a big difference. We’re here to teach you the ins and outs of moving insurance, as well as clear up any myths.

Do You Need Moving Insurance?

Yes. In fact, your Boynton Beach movers legally have to provide it. The United States Department of Transportation requires all movers to offer a basic moving insurance policy. So, if the government requires even a very basic policy, that should be a clue that it is important. Just think- you are getting ready to trust a company and staff of strangers with all your household belongings. Nine times out of ten these movers will do a wonderful job and you have nothing to worry about; however, accidents happen, and you should protect yourself.

What Moving Insurance Should You Get?

As we mentioned before, your Boynton Beach movers are required to provide a basic level of moving insurance to all their customers. This level of moving insurance protects your belongings up to $.60 per pound. So, think about this- your items may weigh in total 10,000 pounds. If you lose 1,000 pounds, that means you are getting $60 covered by insurance. That 1,000 pounds may be valued at a lot more. That’s why many people opt to take out an additional moving insurance policy. Your movers are also required to offer you a full coverage policy as well. Keep in mind that movers don’t sell insurance, they offer stated liability. You pay them to say that they are liable for the damage. Note that after a certain point the movers get to determine how they replace the items.

What You Need to Know About Full-Coverage Insurance

While full coverage is the better option than the basic coverage, there are a few things you should know about the level of coverage. Movers are not required to reimburse you for items valued at more than $100 per pound, unless its listed on the shipping document specifically. That means that expensive laptop that is surely worth more than $100 per pound is not going to get reimbursed unless its specifically listed out. Remember those detailed inventory lists we always talk about making? That’s where this can be helpful. You can use that list to provide coverage to all your items with the full-value protection policy.

Any Other Options?

If you’d like, you can reach out to a third-party insurance provider and opt for your own policy. Many insurance companies offer a relocation insurance policy that can protect your belongings during a move. Your homeowner’s insurance may have some coverage available, but typically they only protect items inside the home, not in a moving truck. The most important thing is to have a conversation with your Boynton Beach moving company to ensure that everything will go into effect correctly. Remember, no matter what you decide, make sure it’s done early so the policy is in affect before the move takes place.