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How to Save Money on Your Mortgage

Finding the right mortgage loan can be extremely stressful. Whether you are already a Denver resident or are looking to move to Denver, your local movers have some helpful tips on how to find the right mortgage loan for your new home or how to lower your mortgage loan payments.

All My Sons of Denver has 5 ways that you can save on your mortgage loan:

1) Find out if you are eligible to refinance your mortgage loan. Refinancing your mortgage is a process that involves paying off your existing mortgage with a new one. However, this process is only beneficial if you can lock in a lower interest rate. Stay up-to-date on the real estate market trends, the economy, and do regular research on current mortgage loan interest rates to see if they have gone down. If interest rates have dropped and you get word that they will continue to drop, try to wait until they are significantly lower, so that you can refinance.

2) If you are moving to Denver and are shopping for a mortgage loan, do not take the first offer that sounds appealing. Shop around for a super-low interest rate that is below what you can afford, that way you will not struggle to make payments, even if you hit a temporary financial snag.

3) If you currently own a home in Denver, make sure that you are constantly checking the status of your property value. If you are looking to sell your home, it is not beneficial to you when your property value goes down. However, if you are not looking to sell and want to refinance, a drop in property value can actually work towards your advantage. If your property value decreases, you may be able to pay lower property taxes. It is always a good idea to regularly check the status of your home’s worth, perhaps every six months to annually. Even if you are making your mortgage loan payments without any problems, if you can refinance and lock in a lower interest, you can save up to ten to fifteen years off your mortgage loan.

4) Keep your credit score up-to-par. Boost your credit score in order to receive mortgage reductions. A lower credit score will result in a higher interest rate so make sure that you are keeping track of all of your finances wisely. It is always a good idea to run your credit so that you can see if there are any claims that you are unaware of and can possibly dispute to have them removed.

5) Double down on your mortgage payments.  If you are in a good financial state and have extra money coming in, such as with a tax return, make an extra payment on your mortgage that month. Make sure that you read your mortgage agreement though, because some lenders will have a prepayment penalty clause.