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Planning a Successful Open House in Denver

When you want to sell your home, you need to do more than simply put up a sign on the front lawn. In order to attract prospective buyers, you have to put forth some effort. While listing your home on online sites is a great way to bring in interest, holding an open house can increase foot traffic and may be just what you need to sign the documents so you can call your local Denver movers and find your new home. The following tips can help you plan and pull off an open house that you can feel good about.


Time It Right


There are certain times and days that work best for attracting people to your open house. Typically, trying to hold one during the day on a weekday while most people are working is not very successful. Instead, plan for a Saturday afternoon. Many people who are in the market for a new home spend Saturdays driving around town looking for signs. If you are prepared to welcome guests into your home on a Saturday, chances are you will find that there is more interest and people who are really wanting to buy.


Prepare the Home


If you want the people who walk through your home to be truly impressed with what they see, you should make the home look as presentable as possible. A thorough cleaning is necessary to ensure that your home doesn’t look messy or cluttered. Walk through each room and remove any items that could be potentially distracting. Remember that sometimes less is more, since an empty space can allow those shopping for a home to image their own belongings in that room. Lighting a candle or baking fresh goodies can add a homey touch, and it can provide a good memory for those who come to your open house.


Utilize Technology


There are many different online sites that allow you to announce your open house. Those people in the market for a home often check these sites to find out where they can look at a home. List your home and your planned open house on a few of these sites to increase awareness. You may find that people from other towns or that live far away from you may show up, since they may not have seen a sign placed on the street or in front of your house.


Prepare Marketing Materials


Those who come to your open house will likely want to take home a brochure. Prepare a colorful and informative pamphlet that you can place in your home for guests to pick up as they take a look around. Any marketing literature should be readily available, but not too pushy. Place a few stacks near the front door and on your kitchen counter. You may also want to carry some with you, in case guests ask you for one as you show them through the home.


An open house can be a good way to attract a future buyer into your home. By planning and preparing effectively, you can increase your home’s appeal to those who are looking to purchase. Before too long, you should be contacting your Denver movers and heading to a new home.