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3 Reasons to Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

You’re making the move to Boise and you could use a storage unit. Perhaps you’re thinking of just going with a regular old unit to save a couple bucks. But don’t cut costs just for the sake of saving money. You should consider getting yourself a climate-controlled unit for your belongings. Reason being: it will be worth your money in the long-run. A regular unit may be susceptible to certain elements and could end up costing you more money.

Reason 1: Temperature Fluctuation

In a standard unit, the temperature will fluctuate day and night, season-by-season. During the autumn and winter seasons, it can get so unbearably cold that you may not want to even move items in and out of the unit, even if you really need them. In the spring and summer seasons, it can get so hot inside the unit that your belongings will be susceptible to damage. If you’re storing anything made of wood, plastic, or glass, there’s a very real chance that your items can get hot enough that over a long enough period of time, they may warp, crack, or dry out so badly they becomes damaged. In a climate-controlled unit, you won’t have to worry about any of these issues—it’ll make storage in Boise seem like a perfect vacation!

Reason 2: Humidity, Air Quality, and Pests

Being in a climate-controlled environment, your belongings are not subject to the elements. There’s no air pollution—no harmful gases, no smoke. Just as well, there’s a lack of humidity which means you don’t have to worry about wooden warping due to the humidity and heat, nor will you have to worry about any condensation or water getting into your packing materials, boxes, papers, books, fabric items, or anything that could possibly host mold or become a happy home for bugs or other little critters. You also won’t have to worry about your metal items rusting. With a standard unit, these are concerns you’ll have to keep in the back of your mind. 

Reason 3: Added Security

As opposed to most standard storage units, climate-controlled units are within not only a gated facility, but also a locked building in which only people renting units or managing the facility can access. You’ve also got your own lock(s) on the door. The security is also pretty tight on these places, cameras within the building and all over the outside. This all lowers any chance of theft and increases safety and peace of mind of those who use the units.



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