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Can a Mover Charge You for NOT Using Boxes?

If you are moving and are curious as to whether your Birmingham moving company will charge you for an extra box or two, the answer is…it depends.

If your moving company is a smaller business, the chances are they will throw in an extra box or two for free if you have items that you forgot to pack. However, your larger, well-known moving companies may charge you for those two measly boxes. All My Sons Moving & Storage of Birmingham suggests that you are well-prepared for your move and save up boxes enough in advance, to make sure that you will not have to ask your moving company for an extra one.

If you do run out of boxes, you may wonder if you can pack WITHOUT using a box. It is important to know that most moving companies will require that your belongings are packaged safely, within a box.

As with most moving questions that you may have, always check with your moving company to see what their requirements are.

If items such as linens are packed in garbage bags, your moving company may not care since linens are not breakable items. However, keep in mind that you should want your items to be well-taken care of during your move, if you put clothing into a bag, be aware that bags rip and things fall out and get lost. If you do not want to lose anything, it is best to pack boxes accordingly.

Why do moving companies want your stuff in a box? It is easier to stack boxes in a moving truck and it utilizes the space more efficiently. Boxes are also easier to stack on a dolly in order to move you into your new home much faster than having to carry individual garbage bags, suitcases, or whatever else you have you have thrown your belongings into and not labeled.

Labeled boxes make your move not only more efficient on your mover, but also on you when it comes time to unpack.

Your moving company also does not want to be held responsible if anything breaks. Having everything packed neatly and tightly in boxes will help keep your stuff from getting damaged and the moving company in a better position for not being at fault.

By general rule of thumb, if you are moving long distance or internationally, your moving company will most likely require that everything is in labeled boxes.

If you do forget to have a couple extra boxes lying around for last minute, unexpected, forgotten items that suddenly need packing and your mover requires you to have everything in boxes, you will most likely find yourself paying more for that one single box than if you went and purchased one on your own, or even worse…got one for free at a grocery store.

Another tip about boxes: not every “box” is created equal. Do not pack small items in shoe boxes. Even if you have 100 pairs of shoes in their shoe boxes, pack them in a larger box. The last thing your mover wants to do is carry 100 small boxes, of differentiating sizes, which are not stackable in a moving truck.

Consider this: the less that you have to make your mover do, the better. The less time that it takes for your mover to move your belongings, the better. Your moving company can end up charging you for extra time if you make the moving process difficult and tedious, so do your best to be prepared with plenty of boxes and pack EVERYTHING IN A BOX. It is best to have a few large boxes, resulting in a shorter moving time, than having a ton of small boxes and a longer moving time.

If it fits in a box, box it.