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Maximize Storage Even in Small Spaces

Few interior issues can prove harder to overcome than lack of space. While some homes are built with extensive storage solutions, some are pretty bare bones. Thankfully, there are ways that you can maximize the storage that you have been given! The Birmingham local movers have gathered a few tips to help you create storage that you otherwise would have to do without. Remember, even the biggest homes can be disorganized without storage—so our recommendations just might apply to everyone!

In the kitchen:

Kitchen storage is crucial. Cabinets, drawers, shelves, pantries—the more the merrier!  Alas, all kitchens are not created that way. Think outside of the box and use space that is open, like the walls. Hanging shelves and hooks can be a great way to get cooking utensils, coffee cups, and pots and pans out of the drawers and out into the open.

Cluttered counters? Use jars and interior cabinet shelving to give you more room to stack spices and other cabinet items. You can even get them to stack plates and cups, giving you extra shelving. In modern cabinets, you can also adjust the shelving, and you might even be able to get additional shelves that match.

Magnetic strips are also a great and functional way to store knifes and other metal utensils and will free up drawer space.

In the bathroom:

Get an over the door bar that can hang more than one towel at a time, with at least 3 hooks.

Drawer and shelving compartments are a great way to allow for more storage, and you can keep small items like nail polish organized and separate. This should help little things from going missing or being unable to locate.

Clear jars can be used to store Q-tips and cotton balls for easy access, and other bins can be used to keep makeup separate, cleaning supplies, soaps, and other items. Baskets can also be used to store excess products like spare rolls of toilet paper and extra lotions and body wash.

In the bedroom:

Rather than floor space stealing nightstands, consider mounting shelves along either side of the bed for things like flowers, an alarm clock, night time reading and more.

Clear plastic bins that go under the bed are a great way to store things, especially out of season clothing and bulky bedding.

Double closet storage by hanging a second rod off of the existing one and get dividers for handbags, hats, and other accessories to avoid lumping into one big pile.