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Getting Your Home Ready for Potential Buyers

As a homeowner looking to move to a new place, you want your home to sell fast, and you want it to sell for top dollar. There are several things you need to do before you call the real estate agent letting them know you are ready for a showing. Mobile residential movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage share some staging advice on preparing your home for sale.

Mobile residential movers say that the process of staging your home and preparing your home for sale takes about a week to do. First you must begin by depersonalizing your home. You need to make sure that you are taking down all pictures of your friends and family that are hanging on your walls. Take down baby pictures and wedding invitations and everything else that says this house has an established family living here. You want potential buyers to come to your showing and feel right at home. It is hard for someone to envision themselves in your home if your photos are plastered all over the walls.

In order to depersonalize, you must disassociate yourself with your home. Mobile residential movers say that preparing your home for sale means convincing yourself that this is so longer your home. You must begin to make the mental decision to let go of emotions attached to your house and focus on the fact that someone else will be happy to live there, as you move on to your next home.

Buyers love to open every door, closet, and drawer. In preparing your home for sale, you need to declutter and rearrange everything from the kitchen to the bedroom. If buyers see organization, it shows you take care of your house. If they see clutter, it will be an eyesore and turn them off.

Mobile residential movers say that you house will sparkle with the simple attention to making minor repairs. If you have small cracks in the floor or the counter, you can repair those small discrepancies and create a better chance for buyers to sign on the dotted line.

Make sure you have attractive curb appeal. Even though most buyers have an open mind about how they are going to make their own personal changes, if your house isn’t welcoming, that already knocks you down a few notches on their house hunting list. To do this, you can make the front door more inviting with a fresh coat of paint. You know that house down the street with the bright red front door? Of course, you do; they’ve made their house stand out by painting their front door with a contrasting color.

If you have pets, eliminate the odors that may be present. Change the air filter and spray an air neutralizer throughout your entire house. When it comes time to preparing your home for sale and a showing, fill the house with inviting smells like flowers, or fresh baked cookies. You can create these smells with candles, or you can bake and set up a nice bouquet on the dining room table.

The Mobile residential movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have more tips for you on our articles page. We hope for the best in your home buying and home selling endeavors!