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Eviction Packers and Movers in Birmingham

It’s an unfortunate situation that can happen to anyone. One day you go to work and you discover that you’ve been laid off. The company hasn’t been doing so well and tough financial decisions must be made. Utility bills must be paid, food must be put on the table and most importantly, rent must be taken care of. Our moving professionals of All My Sons Moving & Storage are all too familiar with these occurrences, and have assisted individuals who have been evicted from their residence with relocating elsewhere. While there’s no way to plan for the curveballs that life can sometimes throw at you, knowing that your local Birmingham packing company is there to help you should provide some comfort.

What are the benefits of hiring the services of a Birmingham packing company during times of hardship?

Being evicted from your home is a troubling and highly emotional experience, especially considering that most eviction laws mandate that the tenant must vacate the premises within 30 days. Most moves are recommended to be planned at least 6 weeks in advance to avoid the commonly associated obstacles that individuals come across. Packing up everything you own and moving your life elsewhere in a 30-day period is a tough task for anyone to accomplish. Contacting our Birmingham packing company will at least allow you to focus on the more important tasks that come with an eviction.

Each situation is different, however, as some tenants are evicted for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with financial hardship. As every leasing agreement varies depending on the landlord/ownership group, tenants could be forced to leave a property due to violations relating to: noise violations, smoking, making more money than the allotted amount in income restricted properties, and going over the limit of allowed tenants within a single residence. It is in these times that you have more options when contracting a Birmingham packing company.

What should I do when I’m evicted? Does it really make sense to contact a Birmingham packing company?

There was a classic quote made by Franz Kafka that goes, “It is better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.”

Once you receive a notice to vacate the property from your landlord, you have several things to consider. Are you truly in violation of your leasing agreement? If so, are you able to relocate before the designated time to vacate is up? If you aren’t in violation of your leasing agreement, do you want to take the landlord to court and fight the eviction?

Regardless of what you choose to do, stay, or go, the days to get things in order are few, and you might feel like time is counting down against you. Therefore, you should always contact your moving professionals from the All My Sons Birmingham packing company the instant you receive your eviction notice. Not only will we be on standby to get your squared away when the time to leave is upon you, but you will have the security and peace of mind to explore your options knowing that you won’t have to pack in a hurry.