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Baby Proof Your Apartment or Home

All My Sons of Birmingham movers have moved many families into new places, many times from one or two-bedroom residences to bigger ones for growing families. So we know how important it is to baby proof your place. The local Birmingham movers will use this article to deliver tips to keep your babies and family safe as well you friends and family that visit with kids as well.

If you can and your space allows it, try to dedicate one room of the house to being completely baby friendly. Have that room as an open space that’s comfortable and very safe for your baby and other young children. Make sure there aren’t fragile items or expensive furniture or anything that can be damaged easily. This room should be practical, filled with safe toys for kids.

The Birmingham movers remind you to deal with electric sockets around the house as soon as you move in and baby proof. Make sure you elevate or tape up power strips as well as extension cords so kids can’t reach them. Use child-proof cover outlets as well, especially for the sockets that are ground-level.

Inspect your home and look for sharp corners like a glass table. You can always cover with a blanket or pad it with bubble wrap. It might not look great, but it will be safer for kids.

If you’ve recently moved in and are child-proofing the house, consider not buying furniture or home decorative accessories that are very expensive or too valuable in a one-of-a-kind type of way. This way is something happens to break, the damage isn’t too bad. Also, make sure to put the valuable items you already have, out of reach. For example, if you have a laptop that’s in the living room’s coffee table, there’s a chance that your kids can spill a drink next to it, maybe damaging your computer.

To further baby proof your home, thelocal Birmingham moving specialists suggest you talk to friends and family that have experience. They can help you with tips and advice on how they baby proofed their home. It’s a great way to connect with parents and great way to learn. Also, if you’re new to the neighborhood, this topic of conversation might be an ice breaker with your neighbors. They might also be familiar with the layout of your house, since they’re right down the street or within the same building and might actually have the same layout. This also shows them that you take children safety very seriously and they’ll feel more inclined to have their children visit your home.