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Tips for Arkansas Movers: How to Unpack Effectively

Packing is important, but unpacking might be even more important.

You’ve packed all your belongings in bubble wrap and boxes, you’ve stuffed all of it into a moving truck, you’ve driven however many miles, and now you are at your new home. It’s time to unpack, but where do you start?

Random unpacking won’t do. That could lead to you having access to cleaning supplies in you new home, but no clothes in your closet or beds in your rooms. You must approach unpacking methodically. In fact, the unpacking process starts during the packing process.

Our experienced Arkansas movers provide some helpful suggestions on how to unpack effectively below.

Keep a Detailed Inventory

After arriving at you new destination, you pop open the moving truck and you’ll likely find yourself staring at big brown boxes. Anything could be inside them, and you’ll have no way of knowing unless you took the proper preparations. While packing all your stuff at the old location, make sure to keep a detailed inventory describing what items are inside each box. That way, when it comes time to unpack, you’ll know which boxes to tackle first.

Unpack the Essentials Box First

When it comes to understanding how to unpack effectively, the most important principle to remember is to unpack the things you’ll need the most first. With that in mind, during the packing process, before anything else is placed into boxes, reserve some essential items and create an “essentials box.” Inside this box should be things you will need immediately once you arrive at your new home to keep your home running for at least a couple of days.

 The essentials box should include a few things that will keep you and your family clean and fed. So, clothes, toiletries, medicines, some cooking tools, some pantry-safe food and snacks, a couple of pots and pans, a shower curtain, and garbage bags. Plus, some emergency supplies, tools, important records and documents, flashlights, and some basic house cleaning supplies.

Move on to Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, etc.

After following the first two steps, you can start opening the (preferably labeled) boxes filled with the furniture and appliances that make up your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Unpacking them in that order is how to unpack the most effectively.

For the most effective and timely unpacking process, enlisting the help of professional Arkansas movers is the way to go.