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Moving with Children in Little Rock

If you’re planning a move to Little Rock, it’s normal to be nervous. It’s considered the third most stressful life event after the death of a loved one and divorce.[1] Taking care of relocation tasks such as hiring our Arkansas movers to lend you a hand, updating your address with various important places, scheduling an installation of a new home security system, and packing is a major disruption to your routine. Though, in the flurry of errands, you might not realize how all these changes are affecting your child. Children likely feel unease more acutely than adults due to the sudden change in their environment. Not to worry as our Little Rock movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage can share helpful tips on moving with children.

Before the Move with Kids

Once you’ve taken care of the bulk of your relocation errands, hold a family meeting to go into detail about the move to Little Rock. Let your children know this is a good change and go over what to expect on the day of the move. You can also plan out a day of fun so that the little ones have something to look forward to upon their arrival to their new hometown.

Make them even more optimistic about the move by doing some online shopping for new décor. Have the children pick out different things for their new room like rugs, curtains, posters, lighting, or a bedspread to make them feel like they’re involved.

Kids on Moving Day

Now that you moving day is here, it’s time to pay careful attention to your children’s behavior and keep an eye out for any red flags. When our Little Rock movers arrive to help you move out, introduce them to the little ones so they look less like strangers and more like friends. Our Arkansas movers know how stressful moving can be on children, and a simple conversation can help your kids warm up to the movers and the situation overall.

While our trusted movers are securing and boxing up your belongings as part of the Little Rock packing services, make sure the children stay safely away from the chaos. Keep them preoccupied with a collection of their favorite items such as coloring and picture books, puzzles, toys, or a mobile tablet to watch TV shows and movies.

What to Do with Kids After the Move to Little Rock

After our Little Rock auto movers safely deliver your car to the new home, fulfill the day of fun you promised to the little ones by taking a drive around town to different fun places like family entertainment centers, miniature golf courses, or amusement parks.

Don’t forget to introduce the kids to the neighbors as this is another great way to get to know their surroundings. You never know; these neighbors may have young children of their own for the kids to befriend.

Moving with The Most Reliable Pros

When you select our Little Rock movers to help you move into your new home, you’re sure to get high-quality customer care you won’t find anywhere else in town. For over twenty years, we’ve been leaders in the relocation industry helping families and businesses move across the nation, making us trusted movers you can rely on. Contact our moving company in Little Rock for your free moving quote today!


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