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Tips to Make Your Move to Little Rock Easier | Make Moving Easier

If there’s one question that all our Little Rocks movers get asked all the time, it’s how to make moving easier. For years, we’ve developed our own system to move families and business all over Arkansas and we do it quickly, safely, and affordably. The easier the move, the more time and money our costumers save on moving costs.

We’re here to deliver our secrets to you. You might be thinking; How can All My Sons possibly reveal their secret to make moving easier? Wouldn’t that put them out of business? The answer is no, because although these secrets to an easier move will help you, we still know that our experience and customer service can’t be beat, and that if you chose our Little Rock moving company for the job, we would impress you all the way!

With that in mind, let us give you a few helpful tips to make your move easier.

Overnight Bag

This is the cardinal rule that all inexperienced movers and DIY packers make every single time they move. They always forget the overnight bag. The trick to a successful move is to pack an overnight bag immediately before you pack anything else. In this bag, you must keep your hygiene products, electronic device chargers, a few changes of clothes, and any medications you may need. Pack as if you were going to spend a night in a hotel. That way, when all your boxes arrive, you won’t need to dig through them to find what’s most important to you.

Sell the Extras

Make moving easier by eliminating the amount you need to move. Go through your belongings and remove what’s important to you, keep your favorite clothes, and keep anything that would be too expensive or time consuming to replace. Now sell the rest. Not only does it make the whole moving process easier, it also saves you some money on moving costs. Use the money you gathered from selling your unwanted stuff to pay for some of the moving costs.

Don’t have time to sell? No problem – just donate! Keep a tally of all the items you donated and use it as a tax write off next year.

Start Packing Early

The earlier you begin packing, the easier the moving process will be. Moving is really a hassle, and there are so many moving parts to it all. So, start packing early and save yourself the hassle of rushing at the last minute. As soon as you know you’ll be moving, you should start packing what you will keep and selling what you don’t want. Take some time here and there every day so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Hire a Full Service Moving Company

Nothing makes moving easier than not having to do any of the work because the most effective way to make moving easier is to hire an experienced full service moving company to do all the heavy lifting. Call our Little Rock movers and ask for a free moving quote today!