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What to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween has come and gone and now there’s a pile of leftover candy you need to deal with. What to do with it all? The Little Rock movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage know just what to do with leftover Halloween candy. There’s no way that it can all be consumed, and you don’t want to get cavities. So what do you do with all the leftover candy?

There are many options to help you get rid of leftover Halloween candy from storing it in the freezer to donating it. Your Little Rock local movers show you how to use leftover Halloween candy.

Tips for Leftover Halloween Candy

1. Freeze – Over the course of the year, when you get a craving for candy, it will be there, ready and waiting in the freezer. You can use it for different recipes throughout the year, such as a batch of monster candy brownies, or even add it to a bowl of ice cream.

2. Homemade Trail Mix – your leftover Halloween candy is the perfect ingredient in a homemade trail mix to add a sweet spin to a salty and healthy snack.

3. Thanksgiving Decoration – You can also use your leftover Halloween candy as a table setting at your Thanksgiving dinner. Add some to the cornucopia centerpiece or fill little pumpkin-shaped cups with candy and use as a place setting with the guest’s name written on it. People are always looking for something to munch on while waiting for the turkey!

4. Snack Board – Add some of the leftover Halloween candy to a charcuterie board and pair it with come complementary cheeses, crackers, fruits, and wine.

5. Coffee & Tea Sweetener – Use the candy as a sweetener in your coffee or tea and give it another dimension of flavor. Chocolate candies would go great in coffee while fruitier candies will go well with certain varieties of tea.

6. Fun Filler – Keeping your leftover Halloween candy in the freezer means it's fresh and ready to be used again later in the holiday season. You can use your leftover Halloween candy to fill the bottom of gift baskets for others.

7. Donate – Did you know you can donate your leftover Halloween candy? Organizations will often send care packages to soldiers who are overseas and they appreciate a little sweet treat inside. Other charities will also accept candy as they promote their causes.

Where to Donate Leftover Halloween Candy

If you don’t want to keep any of it but you’re still not sure what to do with leftover Halloween candy, you can always donate it to charitable causes. If you are in need of a list of places that will accept your donations, look no further! Our Little Rock commercial movers share a list of 6 charities who will accept your leftover Halloween candy.

1. Operation Gratitude

2. Soldier’s Angels

3. Ronald McDonald House Charities

4. Operation Stars and Stripes

5. Operation Shoebox

6. Any Soldier

If you are preparing for a move during the holidays, trust our Little Rock residential movers to deliver an exceptional moving experience so you won’t stress and instead enjoy the holiday season as you settle into your new home.