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Fun Games to Play in the Car on a Long-Distance Move

Moving can bring on an exciting time in life: new beginnings, new scenery, and new friends. However, no one really enjoys the time it takes to make a long-distance move. Our Little Rock local movers know that no one likes to be stuck in the car for long periods of time, especially when it is for something as stressful as a move. Our team has put together a list of some fun car games to play to make the time pass quickly.

What Are Some Fun Games to Play in the Car?

If you are dreading the drive to your new home, our Little Rock long-distance movers have your back. As professional long-distance movers, we know how tiring being in a car or moving van for hours can be. Here are some fun car games you can play to pass the time during a long-distance move.

The Name Game
To start, someone chooses a name (male or female, doesn’t matter which). The next person must think of another name, starting with the last letter of the first name called. The next person will then call out a name that starts with the last letter of that second name said, and so it will go on until somebody cannot think of a name quick enough. The only catch to this game is that there cannot be the same name said twice.

To make this fun car game more challenging, swap out names for locations.

My Cows
Are you moving to a rural part of Arkansas? Well, My Cows is the perfect fun car game to play during your long-distance move.  Here is how to play, when driving past a farm or a pasture with cows, be the first person to yell out the phrase “my cows!” and make a quick estimate of how many cows you see. The goal is to “collect” the most cows out of anyone in the car.

To make this game interesting, choose an object you see frequently that can erase other player's cows. For example, a bridge or an overpass. As the car passes over a bridge or under the overpass, whoever spots it first gets to erase another player's cows.

Punch Buggy
Punch buggy is the ultimate and most known of the fun car games that can be played on long trips. Just in case you are not sure of the concept, our Little Rock residential movers can explain. Everyone who is not driving should be on the lookout for a VW Beetle. The first person to spot one can turn to another passenger in the car and say the phrase “(Color) punch buggy -  no punch back!” and then lightly punch the other passengers in the car on the arm. If you forget to say, “no punch back,” after calling out a punch buggy, then someone can get you back when it is not your turn.

20 Questions
Just 1 question shy of the traditional 21 questions game, 20 questions is a fun car game that combines I Spy and 21 questions. The way it works is, one person chooses an object and keeps it in their mind. They do not give hints or clues about the object, but everyone in the car has 20 questions (or guesses) to ask what the person is thinking of or looking at. The first to get it right wins.

There are many more games to play that our movers in Little Rock know you will enjoy. You can also make up your own variations of fun car games or new games to play during your long-distance move.  To keep your mind at ease while playing these fun car games, contact our Little Rock movers. We offer free, no-obligation quotes for all moves!