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Best Moving Apps

After deciding your new hometown will be Little Rock, it’s time to start gearing up for the big move. You may take care of specific relocation tasks like booking Arkansas movers for a sweat-free move, changing your address with various institutions, making last-minute payments on the new home, and so on. But have you stopped to think that, in this day and age, perhaps there are certain apps that can make the whole process smoother? Our Little Rock movers list the best moving apps to use for your upcoming relocation.


If you haven’t quite found your new home in Little Rock, install Zillow  [1] for some assistance. The real estate company based in Seattle offers thousands of house and rental listings from across the country, so you’ll be sure to find your dream home in Little Rock in no time. On Zillow, you’ll also find resources for renters and homebuyers like current mortgage rates as well as a real-time view of your prospective neighborhood, giving you the overall feel of the area. 


After deciding on your new dream home in Little Rock, arrange furniture in advance with Magicplan.[2] With the app open, Magicplan records the dimensions of the new home to recreate the floorplan in augmented reality. You can then visualize where to arrange the furniture ahead of time.

Magicplan also offers other features such as site surveying, 3D models, as well as virtual tours, making it one of the best apps to help you move to Little Rock.


Packing before a move is a tedious task no one looks forward to, so make the task simple for yourself by using Sortly. [3] With Sortly, you can categorize items from your moving checklist by room and even create labels with QR codes so you can scan it and see what’s inside without opening the box. No wonder it’s one of the best moving apps.

If packing is something you don’t have time for, our Little Rock packing services are another solution. Our Arkansas movers are particularly skilled in packing all types of items and furniture securely, thus, giving you the peace of mind your valuables will arrive at the new home safely.


Facebook Marketplace

There’s no point in bringing useless junk from the old home to the new one as this adds more to your packing load. So, lighten your load and put money back in your wallet by using the Facebook Marketplace. On this platform, users list almost any item for sale for others to purchase within the area. You’ll find an array of items sold on Marketplace; from clothing and kitchenware to electronics and vehicles.


Moving with the Leaders in Relocation Services

When you’re in need of professional movers to get you settled into your new home, give our Little Rock movers a call. With over two decades of experience in the relocation industry, our moving company in Little Rock has the expertise to get you moved in safely and hassle-free. Why wait? Call 501-708-0872 for your free, no-obligation quote today!



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