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List of 10 Packing Tips For Your Next Move

Moving to Phoenix, AZ? That would be smart decision number one. The second would be to follow the tips and packing techniques of the All My Sons professional movers of Phoenix, AZ. To make your next move as productive as it can possible be, follow these guidelines to learn everything from what packing products to use, to getting rid of things you don’t need:

1. Begin the process early

No matter who you are, packing is a time-consuming activity. It’s best to contract our Phoenix moving and packing professionals to handle this part of the moving process, however it’s perfectly fine to pack on your own if you aren’t moving many items. Begin packing three weeks before the move in day. Pack items you use the least first, and then move on to more important items.

2. Pack strategically

Pack an essentials box with items that you will need immediately after moving in. For all your other belongings, be sure to pack together only the items that will go into the same room and label the boxes accordingly.

4. Acquire the necessary packing products

Purchasing the correct packing products in Phoenix is one of the more important responsibilities of relocating to your new home. You’ll need various sizes of boxes, tape, scissors, markers and much more.

6. Box your items correctly

Many self-movers make the mistake of using improper packing procedures. For example, a common misconception is that large boxes are supposed to be filled with heavy items, while the smaller boxes are for the lighter items. The reverse is what’s actually true. Individuals who choose not to utilize professional packing services should emulate the techniques of the expert movers in Phoenix, AZ.

7. Label your boxes

Label every box with its contents and destination - preferably on more than one side. Make a note if items are fragile and to be handled carefully.

8. Dispose of perishables

Whatever you do, don’t bother packing perishable goods to be transported by Phoenix movers. Perishable items in the kitchen can expire, grow mold and attract insects inside the truck bed. It’s best to consume as many of your perishables goods as you can in the weeks leading up to the move in date.

9. Donate or Sell

The last thing you want to do is bring old and unwanted items into your new home. Moving is the best time to dispose of anything that you no longer use. Unload those items in a garage sale. Anything leftover can be donated to a friend, family member or local donation center.

10. Be ready to go on moving day

When your movers arrive to pack and transport your belongings, make arrangements to meet them at your home. Try to be as hands-on in the process as you can. Instruct your movers of any special instructions and inform them of anything at all they should be aware of.