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Packing Supplies for Long Distance Moving

If you are planning on moving to Phoenix, AZ from out of state, you need to purchase the proper packing supplies for long distance moving. These items will go a long way towards ensuring that your items stay undamaged throughout the long moving journey. Durable packing products are required for a move of this distance and your Phoenix long distance movers are here to guide you through selecting the proper packing supplies for long distance moving.  

This is the All My Sons Moving & Storage list of essential packing supplies for long distance moving!

Wardrobe Boxes - perfect to move your closet quickly and safely.

Large Durable Boxes – the bigger and stronger, the better!

Moving Blankets – prevent massive damage to furniture.

Furniture Covers (plastic sheets) – ensure there are no tiny scuffs and nicks.

Newspaper/bubble wrap – keep those delicate items safe!

Moving Boxes

We suggest investing in heavy duty boxes rather than normal cardboard ones because they have thicker and reinforced walls that will ensure protection for your items. These boxes are suitable for your valuable items such as electronics or appliances. Also, for long distance moving to Phoenix, AZ you want to purchase wardrobe boxes to make your life a lot easier when unpacking. These boxes come with a removable hanger bar allowing for easy transport and the reduction of wrinkled clothing after a long-period of time.

Furniture Pads

These thick and durable blankets work perfectly to cover furniture and appliances when moving to Phoenix, AZ. Furniture pads protect your items from damage and offer a shielded cushion for extra support. We suggest investing in high quality moving pads for extra durability and protection when it comes to your precious cargo. This durable packing product is one of the must have packing supplies for long distance moving.

Another option: Clothing and blankets is one of the great packing product alternatives because you have to pack it all anyway so why not use them to cushion your valuables! Line the inside of your boxes with clothes and blankets to keep them save during the move.

Packing Peanuts

This durable packing product works great as packing supplies for a long-distance move. They prevent damage to your items by cradling them and giving them added protection from all sides. This loose-filling packing material will keep your items safe throughout the whole moving process and is extremely durable.

All My Sons Moving & Storage is a full service moving and packing company with decades of moving experience and we know all the tips and tricks to help you make your long-distance move to Phoenix a little more pleasant.