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How to Pack Expensive Art and Antiques

Packing artwork or antiques can be complicated and cost you a pretty penny if damages occur. If you’ve collected art or antiques over the years, it’s only natural that you would want to keep them protected when moving to your new home. Packing antiques is not like packing the everyday items in your home. It requires a delicate touch from an experienced hand. That’s why when searching for a Phoenix Packing service you need to choose the best. All My Son Moving & Storage has over 20 years of experience in the industry, with an expertise in taking care of fragile items such as antiques, art work and other valuables. For anyone who needs to move antiques, we offer these tips:

Appraise Your Property

Even with our professional Phoenix packing services and moving company, there’s a chance that an accident may occur with your valuables. When it comes to antiques, it would be a good idea to seek an appraisal from a qualified source. This will allow you to receive an estimated value when getting movers insurance.

Pack Your Antiques

Determine whether you’re going to pack yourself, or use All My Sons professional Phoenix packing services. If the former, find out from an expert if any special handling needs to be done for your item in question. The last thing you want to do is mishandle the antique item and permanently damage it. If permitted, be sure to use plenty of bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts when packing antiques.

It’s usually best that you keep your antique items with you during the moving process. You want to make sure that the items most precious to you aren’t mixed in with the other moving boxes. However, if you prefer to let the experts handle it, then be sure to mark the box with your antiques as “fragile” to avoid any accidents.

Packing Techniques for Moving Art and Other Valuables

When it comes to your fine art and other valuables, it’s important to properly pack expensive art and transfer these items during your move. You are going to need the correct packing supplies for art to ensure the safety of these meaningful possessions during the moving journey. You will also want to follow proper packing techniques to move art during the moving process. Fine art and valuable glassware can easily become damaged when moving, and the Phoenix movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage want to help ensure that you keep your valuables protected. We understand how important and sentimental these items are to people, so use our packing technique guide for properly handling and moving art and valuables during your next move.

Avoid packing peanuts as padding for artwork. Peanuts are known for breaking off into tightly wedged places and can cause separation between the frame and the artwork. Also, packing peanuts are made from potato byproduct or corn, and when in contact with too much moisture can permanently stick to items in your box.

When you pack expensive art, do not place rolled up canvas in a box with padding. Go to a local art supply store and purchase a cardboard tube to place the canvas in. This is the best possible protection for safe transportation during a move.

Large Framed Artwork and Canvases

You want to invest in heavy-duty picture boxes to pack your large artwork in. These work best for ensuring minimal damage once unpacking. You then want to find painters tape or masking tape to mark an “X” over large pieces with glass. This tape technique prevents the glass from shattering when in the box. All My Sons Phoenix recommends applying this quick method to all art that lives behind glass. Normally you would wrap glassware or other valuables in newspaper, however in this case, you don’t want printed ink to transfer onto your art canvas. This could easily happen, so we suggest you find plain brown wrapping paper for all canvases. For extra protection, you can add corner protectors to all artwork and add a layer of foam in the front and back of the piece before you store it in a box. Finally, you want to securely store the properly packed artwork in the picture box carefully. No damage will occur if you follow these procedures!

Make sure you take the time to properly pack each art piece or antique valuable when you begin the moving process. The last thing you want is to open damaged items that could cost a fortune to fix or are even unrepairable.

If you need to pack expensive art that is worth more than it costs you to make the move, hire our Phoenix packing services. Taking a chance on packing that yourself is not worth it when there are professionals who can do it with ease.

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