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Tips to Pack an Entire House in One Weekend

If you are moving to Phoenix AZ and moving day is creeping up on you, you may feel like it’s time to panic. You have one weekend to pack your entire home before you transfer all your precious belongings and the stress is quickly growing. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we don’t want you to dread over this limited timeframe. There are easy ways to pack up your entire home quickly while staying calm and organized. During this stage of the moving process, it’s important to stay focused to get the job done under specific time constraints. We have provided you with the best packing tips for the whole house that will be sure to result in an efficient move to your new home. Moving to Phoenix, AZ can be easy with the help of All My Sons!

Designate a Packing Area

Since you will be packing on a strict timeframe, we recommend that you select a specific area in your house to do all your packing in. This area should contain all your packing supplies such as moving boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap, and scissors. This will allow you to locate all your items in one space and ultimately speed up the packing process. You won’t waste any time searching different rooms for packing items when there is one designated spot.

One Room at a Time

Even though you have limited time to pack up your entire house, we suggest that you pack one room at a time for the best efficiency during this process. You will stay focused and organized by designating all your efforts on one room at a time. To further speed the process up, our team recommends you allocate different rooms to your family members to oversee. Every member should be responsible for packing up items in their own room, then they can help you with other areas once this is finished.

Get rid of Old Items

Most people would start to panic the weekend before moving day and pack up every item they have in their home. We recommend that you take the time to sort through your belongings so you can create a box that will be tossed or donated. Even though you are setting aside time to do this, you will feel relieved when you have less items to pack and transport to your new home.

Don’t Forget to Label Boxes

Just because you are in a rush, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t label all boxes. This is so important during the packing process because once you are moved into your new home, you will lose your mind searching for all items with multiple boxes that aren’t labeled. In the long run, you will save time and energy by properly labeling your packing materials. 

Stay focused during the entire packing process. It is possible to perform this large of a task in one weekend. The key is to get the whole family involved and to remain calm. These packing tips for the whole house will ensure a successful move! Contact All My Sons today for a free quote if you are moving to Phoenix, AZ.