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Tips for Moving in Together

Moving in together with your significant other is a big decision. It marks the beginning of a more serious phase of your relationship. Although there can be many wonderful aspects of living with your partner, there are some factors you should consider to make it a smooth transition and a happy relationship.

Local Phoenix movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage recommend those that are moving in together consider the following:

  1. Discuss why you are moving in together. It is not recommended to move in together purely out of convenience. You and your partner should discuss the future of your relationship and moving in together for the right rights, not convenience or saving on bills.


  2. Your place, their place, or a new place? Consider things like space, commute to work, neighborhood amenities, pet accommodations, and try to decide which place will work best for both of you. Local Phoenix movers suggest starting over in a new apartment; you can both decorate it and work on it together.


  3. Make an inventory checklist. There is no sense in combing all your items and all your partner’s items into a new place. Instead, minimize the clutter and make your move easier. Go over everything that each of you has, and come up with a checklist for what you want to take to your new home. Create four piles: Keep, Sell, Donate, and Toss. Try to avoid bringing duplicate items that will only take up space. Selling extra items can help make extra money to contribute toward your new place.


  4. When looking for a place together, make sure you have necessary documents: credit scores, bank statements, pay stubs, and references. Your landlord will want this information on each tenant.


  5. Plan finances ahead of time. One of the most important aspects of moving in together is the increased involvement in each other’s finances. It’s important to be upfront about money. Don’t move in with your partner and expect to figure out the bills as they come. Discuss how bills will be paid each month. Write down a list of all monthly expenses and decide who will handle each bill, and when. Local Phoenix movers recommend creating a plan that is as equal as possible, while still reflecting each partner’s income. Remember: fair is not always equal.


Keep this factors in consideration while you plan your move with your significant other. Once you’re ready to take the leap, call your local Phoenix movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.