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How to Determine a Moving Date

Once you’ve chosen Phoenix, Arizona as your new hometown, now is the time to get the gears going for your upcoming move. After shopping around for reliable movers to help, you decide to hire our moving company in Phoenix. As you discuss the particulars of your move and everything is documented, you’re asked about a preferred moving date. At first, this minute detail may not concern you, but the date you choose to move can make a difference on your budget and the overall process of the move. Our Phoenix movers have the 411 on how to determine a moving date.


Determining the Time of Year

Starting with your preferred time of year is a good place to start if you’re not sure how to determine a moving date. With over twenty years in the relocation industry, our Phoenix long-distance movers advise against setting a moving date between May and September. Annually, an estimated 40 million Americans relocate, more than half of which take place during the summer, making it peak moving season. Most people with kids choose this time of the year to move to avoid disrupting the school year.

Unless you have school-aged children of your own, our professionals suggest a moving day sometime between autumn and spring of the following year. Also, this time period can save you money on moving expenses since the demand for movers tends to be lower.


Determining the Time of the Month

Now that you know the time of year you are moving, you need to figure out how to determine a moving date by considering what time of the month would work best. Typically, the beginning or end of a month are the busiest for moving companies since leases start on the first day. If you’re looking to save some cash, set a moving date in the middle of the month.


Determining the Day of the Week

Most people tend to move during the weekend to avoid rush hour traffic and not miss a day’s pay if they work the usual 9 to 5. The high demand drives up the cost of moving, so set the moving date on a weekday to keep more money in your wallet. If your work schedule is irregular and you really don’t know how to determine a moving date, opting for the middle of the week on a day off is a no-brainer. Chances are you can even switch shifts with someone to have more time to unpack and organize your new home before returning to work.


Dedication and Expertise from Our Phoenix Movers

Whenever you need professional help to move into your new home, give our reliable movers a call. Our Arizona moving company provides an array of quality relocation services to ensure your upcoming move to Phoenix is hassle-free. Get started on stress-free move today by calling 602-497-1434 for your free, no-obligation quote. Happy moving!