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Best Restaurants in Phoenix

Woo-hoo, you’ve finally made it to your new home in Phoenix with the help of our Arizona movers! Now it’s time to get everything in order as you settle into your new home. You check off various items on your to-do list such as applying for a new driver’s license, registering your car, transferring your medical records, babyproofing the home for the little ones, and so on. While tackling all these tasks, you realize you’ve hardly eaten all day. You can definitely work up an appetite after the whole moving process, so our Phoenix movers have listed the best restaurants in Phoenix to get your grub on.


Binkleys Restaurant

Dig into New American meals prepared with carefully-sourced ingredients while enjoying an authentic culinary experience at Binkleys Restaurant. [1] The chic ambiance of the restaurant is the perfect setting to treat yourself and that special someone after a grueling move. Courses are served to each guest at the same time as the cooks come out to explain how each dish was prepared. Chef Binkley invites guests into his kitchen every now and then throughout the evening to witness proficient culinary expertise right before their eyes. The dining area is also considered an extension of Chef Binkley’s kitchen and home.

Reservations are required to dine at this elegant restaurant as seating is limited to 24 spots. You can book your spot in advance by either calling 602-388-4874 or emailing them at reservations@binkleysrestaurant.com.


Hillstone Restaurant

If you’re looking for more upscale dining to celebrate this milestone, our Phoenix local movers recommend the Hillstone Restaurant. [2] The menu consists of quintessential American fare such as burgers, steaks, barbecue ribs, and more. The spacious patio includes water features, giving off a serene atmosphere for guests. Since Hillstone is an upscale restaurant, a reservation is required, and guests must adhere to their dress code. For example, flip flops, athletic attire, or suggestive clothing are prohibited.


POMO Pizzeria – Downtown Phoenix

If you’re looking to just eat in a relaxing atmosphere, POMO Pizzeria – Downtown Phoenix [3] is one of the best casual restaurants in Phoenix to try. This pizzeria serves Neapolitan pies along with Italian cuisine such as antipasti, gourmet panini, salads, and vegan options. POMO is popular among the locals as they serve pizzas with authentic Italian flavor, making it one of the best restaurants in Phoenix.


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[1] Binkleys Restaurant

[2] Hillstone Restaurant

[3] POMO Pizzeria