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How to Throw a Lush Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Are you looking to throw the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner party in the history of Thanksgiving parties? Well, Birmingham movers has teamed up with professional stylists in order to come up with the ultimate way to throw a lush Thanksgiving dinner party that will have your friends and family wanting to be your guest every year!

How to Throw a Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Linens - Kelly Wearstler is the designer and author on the perfect tablescape and recommends going to Sferra for table coverings, but never recommends linen. Instead, she suggests using a textured tabletop of wood, marble, or glass.

China – Wearstler loves the collections of china at Mulholland China, along with bronze accessories for your dining room table.

Effortless Details – Wearstler explains how simple, elegant details like a bejeweled wine stop can go a long way, if you are looking to throw a lush Thanksgiving dinner party on a budget.

Centerpiece – Eric Buterbaugh is an expert decorative florist and a favorite floral DIY designer of the Birmingham movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage. Buterbaugh suggests using natural foliage for creating the centerpiece on your Thanksgiving dinner table. You can use pumpkins and leaves, as well as autumn flowers in china cups that you already have in your kitchen in order to make a beautiful, DIY fall centerpiece.

Guest List – If you have recently moved to Birmingham, your guest list may consist of close family and friends and your new neighbors. Alice Ryan is the owner of A Company on dinner party planning, and uses Happy Menocal for gorgeous formal dinner invitations.

Gifts for Guests – For a lush Thanksgiving dinner party that your guests are sure to love, enjoy, and want to RSVP to next year, gift baskets from Fortnum & Mason are a modern and creative way to say “thank you” to all of your guests for coming to your Thanksgiving dinner party.

Wine – Top wines that will “wow” your guests and remind them that they are in fact at a lush Thanksgiving dinner party are:

  • Sparkling - Benoit Lahaye “Brut Nature” Grand Cru Benoit Lahaye
  • White - Domaine Mathieu, Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc, FR 2010
  • White – Ceritas, Porter-Bass Vineyard, Sonoma Coast, CA 2011
  • Red – Leon Barrel “Jadis” Faugeres, FR 2005
  • Red – Paolo Bea Rosso de Veo Umbria, IT 2006

Food – Birmingham movers suggest picking up an organic turkey in order to begin cooking all of your menu items two days prior to your dinner party. You can freeze your gravy and casseroles and easily reheat them in the oven. Start baking your turkey early in the morning along with your pies, or purchase some from a local bakery. While your turkey is baking, you can also make your mashed potatoes.

A lush Thanksgiving dinner party does not have to take an enormous amount of time and effort, as long as you plan time accordingly and have the above resources to aid you in the process.

If after the holiday season you are in need of a moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage is more than willing to accomodate. Contact us today to receive a free moving estimate and get your next adventure started.