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Your Rights If You’re Renting

All My Sons Moving & Storage Birmingham, with the help of msn.com, is here to share with you the rights you have as a renter. We know that landlords and tenants don’t always agree on everything and, of course, that everyone should be careful when signing their lease. But, there are laws that protect both the landlord and the renter, however some of them are very hard to understand because of the legal language involved.

Renter's Rights In Birmingham

The Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to deny housing for someone based on race, religion, race, disability and national origin.

When you move into a residential unit, it should be habitable and in compliance with health codes. They should be structurally safe, weather-proofed and have adequate ware, electricity heat.

Your landlord should make repairs in a timely manner.

Your landlord should advise you at least 24 hours before entering your place and can only do so for repairs or in a case of emergency.

Some states limit the amount of security deposit, so make sure you’re not paying more than you have too.

You can have legal rights to break your lease if your landlord violated terms related to health, safety and necessary repairs. The Birmingham movers also learnt that the landlord can’t seize your property if you haven’t paid the rent for one reason or another.
Landlords are also not allowed to retaliate and evict you because you take action against them.

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