Rating 4.6

Birmingham Movers Made My Move Stress-Free

All My Sons Moving & Storage Review

Moving is always a hassle no matter how excited you are to move into your new home. Even if it’s a bigger home in a better neighborhood, the work behind the move can definitely overshadow the benefits to moving, only for a little time though. Before you know it, you’re settled in your new place enjoying a lovely dinner with your family and love the fact that you moved of course. This move has been a tad easier on the whole family because we were involved with such a professional moving company. A moving company, I learned, that was backed by generations and generations of movers, so the movers knew what they were doing. Plus, All My Sons of Birmingham was connected to a network of other moving offices all across the US, and even one in Mexico. So they definitely had a reputation to live up to.

I really enjoyed reading through their website, what with the moving tips and the Birmingham movers’ blogs, it really helped to not feel so alone in this moving ordeal. I couldn’t get too much help from my husband, he was in the middle of two huge advertising campaigns back in the office for high profile clients and I didn’t want him to lose focus. So instead I employed the Birmingham movers to make it easier on me and my family. They helped me locate moving boxes along with other moving supplies and I also got a free moving quote online which made things a little smoother. It was very much affordable and stress-free. At least that part was. Packing, was a whole other story, I never realized how much stuff we had. We ended up posting a few of our older furniture online along with a few other things just to reduce the load that would go onto the moving truck.

The day of the move was great, the local Birmingham movers showed up on time and worked really efficiently. They helped me assemble of the things I needed to put together, like the king size bed in my bedroom and the two twin beds I have for the children’s room. They helped me put together the major appliances and places all of the moving boxes in the appropriate rooms. Saved me a slot of back and forth. It was as best as moving day can be, and now I’m happy and settled in my new home. Thank you All My Sons of Birmingham.