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Boost the Value of Your Home

Add Value to Your Home in Birmingham

There are certain things you can do to add value to your home. And in this economic market it’s probably a good idea to put all the odds on your side and make a few upgrades to help sell your home. Fresh paint the All My Sons of Birmingham movers say can really make a difference in a home. Paint on the outside and inside of the house really changes the impression it makes on potential buyers. You can even decorate your walls with different patterns with paint or emphasize and call attention to one wall to make the room more dynamic. The Birmingham moving specialists say flooring can also help you sell your home faster. If you have carpet, try installing laminate or wood floors. You can also try installing tiles to change the look of the place. More updated flooring will make the place more modern and seem more upgraded and new. The space will feel fresher and new. Lightening some of the accents and accessories you have around the house can help it be staged better. By getting rid of some of the heavier colors like the dark cherry woods and the heavy browns, and replacing it with lighter ones like light blues and beige shades, you’ll make the appearance brighter and lighter. The Birmingham moving specialists say doing a little upgrading in the window area can also help you sell your home. If you have old windows with bad isolation, try replacing your window treatments. Try changing your blinds as well and find something to really accentuate the new treatments. When doing some of these repairs, think of “greener’ versions of your upgrades if possible, especially in the kitchen area where you can upgrade your entire appliances to really make a difference. The kitchen is a really big seller when it comes to home shopping. Don’t forget to keep your lawn looking good. That’s the first thing your potential home buyers are seeing before they walk into your home, the same thing with your front door. Make sure you have a solid lock and make sure it’s painted well, with no cracks or chips.

Upgrade Your Moving Experience

If you do sell your home, remember the Birmingham movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to help with residential moving services that are professional and reliable. We will take care of every little moving detail, help you assemble and disassemble your furniture, quilt-pad wrap some of the delicate items and help with the entire move making it an easier moving day for all.