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Brookfield At A Glance

Take a Look at Brookfield with All My Sons Movers

Being in Brookfield for the first time can be both exhilarating and daunting. There's an enormous amount to take in. Your friends at All My Sons Moving & Storage want to help you transition into our community by preparing you with some things to expect.

Born to move to Brookfield

While many cities of comparable size are striving to grow their economic foundation, Brookfield is flying high with its reputation as a “business serious” community. All My Sons Moving & Storage has helped families move to Brookfield for years, and our Brookfield movers are proud to be a part of this high-desired society. If you’re looking for the best Brookfield moving company to move your family, count on All My Sons.

Brookfield’s business market shines in the spotlight when it comes to local news and headlines. The city is home to over 2,000 businesses and has plenty of room for more. A whopping six million square feet of office space and five million square feet of industrial space are available to the many companies interested in relocating to the Milwaukee area. Brookfield movers love telling our job-seeking customers the good news: Brookfield has more jobs than bedrooms! During the weekday, the population significantly increases as commuters flock to the area for work in various industries including services, retail trade, finance/insurance and real estate.

Five large industrial parks and ten office parks house several of Brookfield’s largest corporations including Fiserv, Allstate Insurance, Norlight Telecommunications and Xerox. If you’re moving to Brookfield to start a business, available resources are everywhere. It’s a process that Brookfield is very familiar with, as this dynamic community has expanded by an average of ninety-two new businesses each year since 1993. 

Brookfield’s commitment to a high quality of life is evident in the creation of the Brookfield Concept. This initiative, created by city officials, moderates building and development by requesting neighborhoods maintain substantial open space around structures for aesthetic and safety reasons. Be sure to visit one of the many parks after your move to Brookfield. Over 1,750 acres of park land add to the natural beauty of the area and provide ample opportunity for recreational pursuits.

Start planning your move to this progressive community today. All My Sons Moving & Storage will cover each detail of your move to Brookfield. Our professional Brookfield movers will make your move hassle-free.